Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Question Time...Get to know me on the personal!!

I'm a self-confessed 'CopyCat', but I did let my the girls know I was going to copy their questions to my blog..thanx hunnie bunnies.and my Kenyan sis Mona too.I did some editing though!! I've got a post stewing but so that I dont leave you without this week, I decided to do these questions...
1. What’s worse - Physical or Mental cheating?
Both!!So you busy thinking of some1 else, living on love island all lovey-dovey and ish you looking @ me??Dude, erase them thoughts..lol..Physically, if I were to catch any1 cheating, be it in person via text, email or online they’re dead meat!!LOL..

2. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
*Sigh* To err is human, but to forgive DIVINE!! Its easier to say ‘I forgive you’, we mightn’t be holding onto grudges, we move on et all but FORGET we don’t. I did that post ‘Secret Places of the Soul’, we do keep it at the back of mind..so answering the question..i guess forgiving is easier but not easy!!

3. Can men and women be “Just Friends?”
Hmm once we faze out the sexual tension and know that there’s no boning going on yup we can be ‘just friends’! I have errr 1 male friend who’s just like a brother to me

4. Dating co-workers?
Hmmm, nope!I call this sh*tting on ur doorstep…so when you break up you have to face each other every day? But then again think of how you could both stay late at work and actually do the do in the CEO’s office??Classic!!!

5. All expenses paid vacation to anywhere?
Tour de Afrique…yup I’d love to just explore all 53 countries of the Motherland..now wouldn’t that be something!! Some-how even though I'm in London, I've interacted with different African nationalities and have made vows to visit their home countries..first port of call - Nigeria!!!

6. Naughty or nice??
Ok I’d say I’m a lady in the streets and a freak in the u-know-where..lol…meaning I’m naughty when I want to be naughty and am nice all the time..lol..

7. Sex on the first date?
Hmmm…no…lmao..Afro dont be shocked I did say no!!LOL…ok who just coughed 'b*llsh**'?U know what... it really depends on how horny you are...lmao...

8. When you are “In Love” do you notice other people?
Ok, not to sound full of it, but they notice me instead!And its always the fine Lamman-Rucker type of brothas, who come up to me!!I’ll flirt I wont lie but it always ends there when I remind myself I have a man!!damn….

9. Is flirting cheating?
Seeing my answer on 8 you know damn-well I’m going to say NO! I’mma Flirt!!

10. If someone called you a bitch would you be offended?
Well, wiv me girls we call each other that most of the times, wiv love in it!(Wiv my girls we laughed so much when in Girlfriends they introduced the ‘b*tch jar’ coz we use it as a term of endearment..lol)But just let a brotha call me ‘Bitch’ and he’ll regret it..lol..yup double standards!!

11. Would you live with someone without marrying them?
Ok, firstly if my sister is reading this then my answer is NO!! I know culturally its frowned upon by Africans to live together before marriage! But I’d live with some-one once engaged…

12. If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, what would you want to be?
Do I get to choose where I’d be the animal?If yes, then I’d be a dog in Hollywood!!I’d be damned to be a dog in the gwashi's (village)in Africa…lol..

13. How many times would you have sex in a week?
Once I read this question, this line from Fiddy's song came to mind ‘If he be a nympho then I be a nympho’…lol..heey would do as much as I can handle!!LOL…

14. Do you squeeze toothpaste from the middle or end of the tube?
End of the tube..does it hurt any-one to work their way up?(This sounds err a bit on the naughty side ne?yup work my toothpaste tube like you would me..bottom to top…*naughty giggle)

15. What's the one thing that most people do that drives you crazy?
Besides those squeeze toothpaste in the middle??Hmmm, people who assume..i so hate it when they make assumptions that I am able to do this, that I’ve got loads of cash etc…ever had plans made out for you without your knowledge???I so don’t like that!!

16. Last time you cried?
Internally without the tears…last night!!With tears...hmmm watching Desperate Housewives - Gabby helping Carlos get dressed and he told her she looked beautiful...now that just got me shedding some tears ;(

17. Do you have any tattoos and piercings?Yes.
I have two tattoos – one on my lower back – a cherub dedicated to my niece who passed on 7yrs in December…she’s my lil angel and never will I forget her!! I also have a lil star on my right wrist..dedication to my grand-dad ‘one more angel in heaven, one more star in the sky!!’ Some1 close to me once got into it over how ‘demonic’ and ‘cultic’ tattoos are…seriously…but mine are symbolic to me and I love them!!If you think like that..heey that’s you Piercings – ears, belly (got this as a bday present 7yrs ago from a friend) and tongue(though the tongue came out 2 wks ago and not fussed about having it re-done)

18. Have you ever flirted with someone you had no interest in?
As if no-one knows the answer to this!! Lets sing it to together ‘I’ma I’ma I’ma flirt, I tell the truth and the whole truth!’

19. Ever been kissed in mid-sentence or rather mid-arguing?
Yessir, was caught off-guard but me liked it..of course..

20. Would you buy bootleg merchandise?
Is limewire bootlegging??Did you say yes??Then yessir me is a bootlegger, tell me why go to itunes when there’s limewire?I will stop when I get them letters they’ve said they will be sending out..its not like I cant afford to pay for itunes..but its free dude..FREE!!!
21. What color looks best on you?
Red and yellow and pink and green,Purple and orange and blue..I can sing a rainbow,!!...any colour looks fab on me!!yup m that full of it..lol…
22. What’s been the hardest thing you’ve had to do this month?
Going to sign language classes and not say a word..just signing…its been hard but has made me appreciate all that I am and am able to do!
And being celibate...its not easy o..cue in P-Square's song 'This Na Tempation'..lol..

23. Ever break up with someone and regret it?
Not break-up but I totally brushed off some-one(i just wasnt ready to date at that point and didnt want to lead them on) and then ‘what if’ played games wiv me …guess coz they called me on my birthday & I was like 'awwww u remembered'...

24. What's the one thing you would want to be remembered for?
My loyalty to friendships!!

25. Have you ever been to a strip club?
Of course I have! Went for a girl-friend’s dinner to Spearmint Rhino..and yup enjoyed dining whilst there was t*ts and a*s on show…them girls have mad skills! I do want to go to a Chappendales show though…

26. Who has the sexiest accents?
Indi*cough**cough*……different strokes for different folks....
Ze French…ooooh qui qui, its that certain je ne sai quoi in zeir accents and when they errr comment-dit..ahhh qui when zay say my name oooh…I dated a French guy for 4 yrs and I never got tired of the way he said my name..even the way his father said my name..lol..

27. What are your fears?
Heights!!Holes!! Losing my shoes..(lol…I have dreams about this u know..me barefoot in Zimbabwe…lol) I also fear losing the ones I love the most!!

28. What’s harder to say ‘sorry’ or ‘I love you’?
Whoa…both? Well, I’m kinda stubborn but I’ve learnt its best to always own up and apologise…as for saying I love you..i find it easier to say to friends!
If you have more questions for me fire away..lol..and as always Happy Sexing xoxo


Afrobabe said...

marking a spot!!!

aloted said...

i think i also found myself crying when Gabbi was helping Carlos get dressed...that was really moving :)

meanwhile my blog address is now http://alotedbabe.blogspot.com

stuck in my throat o said...

I am definitely doing this on my blog.
Your answers are interesting.

Afrobabe said...

I was firstttttttttt...lol

Do the do on the ceo’s desk being recorded on cctv…classic!!

Did u just say no to sex on the first date…hahahahahahahahah…unless you are counting the day you gave him ur no as first date…I totally don’t believe..lmao..imagine,so who’s the bad girl now?

Lmao..u can be a dog in naija…they eat anything they find in the trash cans…did I say trash cans??? In the gutters I mean…

I not only have limewire, I also have Utorrent!!!...Me the chief of bootlegging!!!

For me sorry is hard to say…I say I love you when I want shopping money or sex…so that means I say I love you everyday and every second if it will work…

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

lol funny and interesting
should definitely do this on my blog
but im not as funny or as interesting.......
.....and yes Shona im definitely fishing for compliments lol

ShonaVixen said...

@Afro - yay!!

@Aloted - yeah that was moving!! and have noted the change to your blog address!!

@Stuck - let me know when you do it!!

@Afro - yup and then have an office sex-tape scandal..OFFICEGATE...lol...
Afro hw did i know you would do me like this o?The day i gave him my number???LMAO...U know me now, I'm such a good girl...*snigger*
Dog in Naija/Zimba - remind me to tell u me n Tamz dialogue between UK Dog and Zim Dog...lol...
UTorrent...downloaded that one this evening..lol
Hmmm ur 'I love yous' o, next time u tell me that, i just wonder what u want me to buy you..lol..

@MDM...aaah hon, just because m feeling generous today i'll give it to you..you're funny and interesting dahling...lol...

badderchic said...

I think the tattoos are wonderful tho I never seen them, your reasons too are great, who cares what anyone thinks?

Shubby Doo said...

Lol@the way his father said my name...i love why u got u tattoos...kudos shona

naijalines said...

It's easier to say sorry, I guess. Saying 'I love you' na big deal o.

So feeling you on this post. Hope you don't mind me doing this on my blog naijaLines style. Hehehe.

Yes, I'm back o, in living colour. LOL!

Hunter girl said...

babe!!!! Your fun, crazy (in a good way) and saucy...me like!!!!....nice going...i may steal!! LOL

Bondgirl said...

LOL...you used thee question a lot sooner than I thought but love the answers... why is everyone doubting your ability to say no to sex on the first date...is that a bad thiing anyway? LOL

Hunter girl said...

4got to say...thanks for stopping by!!!

ShonaVixen said...

@Badderchic - yup that was my conclusion in that yes ppl are entitled to their opinions and views and so respect my having these tattoos, its not like i was encouraging any1 else to have them done.

@Shubbydo- gurl that father was so extra French not diluted wiv an English twang..lol..and thanx!!

@Naijalines - its so true, I love you is a big thing and i only say it when i mean it wholeheartedly...actually i stutter when saying it..lol...jus playing
Go ahead and do them, am jus glad you're back!!YAAAY!!!

@Huntergirl thanx for returning the love and stopping by too!! Yup i been called crazy a few times ...glad u liked the post and heey whom am i to say no when i copied the questions myself..lol

@Bondgirl - Yes gurl, i didnt waste no time did i?I warned you though..lol...well, i dont even know why they're doubting my saying no to sex on the first date..its coz well i am so outspoken about this sex thing o so i suppose it may seem like i do and NO its not even a bad thing (in my eyes o)...i mean heey if you're both consenting adults who are feeling each other, then as Nike says 'JUST DO IT!'...LOL...and then i wonder why they doubt my answers...lol..

Rita said...

Just some comments on ur response to your questions :-)

Q4. Dating co-workers?
Who will give you key to the CEO’s office? Unless…

Q7. Sex on the first date?
What is ur definition of a date?

Q16. Last time you cried?
Internally without the tears…sorry oh... wat made u cry?

Q17. Do you have any tattoos and piercings?
I think your tattoos are beautiful…don't need to see them

Q24. What's the one thing you would want to be remembered for?
This is the first time I am hearing of someone wanting to be remembered for loyalty to friendships…its very very admirable…

Q26. Who has the sexiest accents?
The French sure have nice accents…try hearing ur name from a Spanish man who grew up in a French environment

Thanks for leaving your finger markings on my blog...:)

ShonaVixen said...

- Keys to the CEOs office - now those are so easy to get if you're friendly wiv the right people ie the Facilities Mgr always has master keys!!..and well CEO's office was just an example could be the Boardroom/Training Room/etc

What made me cry - my lil nieces.. on the phone they said they cutest 'I wav u' all @ once at the end of the call...

yes o my tattoos are beautiful...lol..

yes i want to be remembered as loyal friend..i value that so much and if those were the only words on my epitaph..i'd be more than happy!!

wow Spanish et French accent intertwined..now thats gotta be something!!

Thanks for stopping by too xoxo

Aijay said...

lol @ losing ur shoes. Girl, u r something else!! lol
Love the French accent too.

PS: U kinda remind me of me...

shiraoko said...

Good to be here, nice posts. well, lady, ive eventually collapsed ma posts, new image, this time of real me, at a karaoke club in south london. ive got a new post, n sure ul like it. it was an article i wrote in a national magazine about 6 years ago, ull like it, its gonna provoke ur thots and ull wanna take it to friends n family afterwards. ma dear lady, pls spread d gospel. Marriage is much more than an occasion...its a life jail or paradise...options abound...cheers.

OluwaDee said...

I share your views on men and women being just friends.

How body?

ShonaVixen said...

@ Aijay - hey maybe coz we're both VIRGOS and we rock!!LOL

@shiraoko - will definitely read the post and let ya know what thinks me

@Oluwadee - body de ma dear!And how are ya?honeymoon in Ghana??Pictures just for Shona maybe??lol

nahjaj said...

hilarious!!! j'aime ze french as well. i never thought of limewire as bootleg til i downloaded something and it said 'nothing but a bootleg' at the beginning of the song!!!! lmao :-D

expensivemistakescheapthrills said...

hahaha. loved yours. my blog is where mona got it from first.

i had such fun doing this and reading your answers....

btw - glad you liked the sex toys post...

ShonaVixen said...

@Nahjaj - i have a few songs that always say that and i never paid it no mind till until the other day when i was listening intently...LMAO

Mz. Dee said...


afrobabe can hv my #1 fan position...

Grr..on a lighter note.. I LOVED DIS POST! gta do one miself.. em yes o.. one question

dis french dude's father.. d way he said ur name.. shey it was nt in a bedroom??? :P

ShonaVixen said...

@Expensive - well i guess the big thank you goes to you then for these initial questions..like how i changed mine then??oo yah of course i liked the sex toys one..lol..

@MZ Dee - i was waiting for you o!!You...you...hmmmm no words for you girl @ all....disappointing behaviour and yess even i will gladly handover the crown to Afro!!
Eish in the bedroom????NEVER!!He'd just be saying hi or asking me if he's son was treating me well..mostly on the phone o not in that other tone!!U crazy girl..lol..

Parakeet said...

This is long o...kai. Couldnt even keep up but no flirting aint cheating as long as you respect the presence of ur partner

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Great post! And I wholeheartedly agree on the forgive/forget thing. You can forgive--but your mind still remembers ish...

mona said...

@5: i love that , that sounds cool. make sure to hola if ever you come to kenya.id love to visit nigeria and get a feel of just how BIG it is.
@10: lol!
@15,: i hate assumptions too, it really gets to me...alot!
@17: I have been wanting to geta second tattoo on my wrist, i will soon. i think they look cool there. i also dont think tattoos are demonic, i think it just depends on your motives. right?? you pierced your tongue? was it painful? i always imagine its insanely painful.
@25: i love strip clubs, btu unfortunately the girls in the nairobi ones cant dance too good and its more of watching horny girls touching themselves and telling people touching them that proper sensual dancing...sucks!
@27: we have the exact same fears. holes, heights, death. * shivers*

aloted said...

hi girl..just saw your comment on my blog..
hang in there...hope you feel bettter soon :)

Red Sapphire said...

Seriously now...where have u been all my life on blogville(no be sikes)...This is so funny and intriguing.I love the questions.Some scared me,but most were just hilarious.Shona babe..me digging your blog alrite.Btween us ehn i am a very nice girl on the outside but damn gurl, i am a closet freakshow..even me dey testify..lol
I love ur blog,,real classy and interesting.
Thanks so much for stopping by.U made my day sweeter.

Lindah said...

Good ideas here, I am thinking about my own answers. Thanks for sharing.

ShonaVixen said...

@Parakeet - yes girly u got that right..flirting isnt cheating!!

TravelDiva - yeah we never do forget ish...

@Mona - do tell where's ur first tattoo?
lol@ur strippers in Kenya,gurl i'd just love to see that..for reals!!
yess m such a scaredy cat when it comes to holes n such!

@Red Sapphire - you've made me smile or rather grin like a cheshire cat!thank you hon, keep coming by xoxo

@Linda - thanx for stopping by!!

rethots said...

"...first port of call - Nigeria!!!" so, you ain't Nigerian?
"...loyalty to friendships!!" couldn't be better.

ShonaVixen said...

@Rethots - No, m not Nigerian. I'm Zimbabwean...but i embrace all Africans as my familia...we're all one!!

mona said...

See,im not the only one who thought your nigerian. Lol! How are you feeling now? Hope better love. My tattoo is on my left arm

ShonaVixen said...

yeah i know Mona...maybe i should do a post titled 'I AM ZIMBABWEAN'...lol...m feeling much better hon thanx for checking, i spent the whole day @ home recuperating!!

mona said...

glad you okay .cheers!