Monday, 23 February 2009

If Music Be the Food of Love.... Then Play On

Music has been around since time immemorial. Without my i-pod I’m lost literally..I remember when my i-pod crushed, it woke up and gave up on its dear life, Mr Ex-Man, knowing how I felt about the i-pod went to Apple store, and got me a new one the very next day..(I kept moaning n moaning about the ipod!). Like the movies I like, I don’t follow the hype…for example to me 7 Pounds deserved an Oscar and is one of Will’s best movies BUT not many people think that it’s a great movie.Music is also universal, you mightn't understand the language but still love the beat..have you ever been to a party, you don't know the person standing next to you but let them play one song you both know..boom conversation starts!

I’ll hear a song and it will remind me of some-one and sometimes I’m amazed how it can be a blogger whom I haven’t met. My musical tastes will range from Il Divo to Tinchy Stryder..yes LondonDiva I have Tinchy on my i-pod..shame on my! From Whodini to Carrie Underwood! Salif Kieta, Angelique Kidjoe, Youssor N’dou are all on my Afro music genre!I miss Boyz 2 Men, Dru Hill, Jodeci, H-town, Blackstreet, SWV, Jade, Brownstone gosh the 90s were the best!!!

I have my own genre’s on my ipod eg

Pick Me Up Music eg Pretty Young Thing Michael J - I always act a fool when I hear this song

Party Beats : Gongo Aso by 9ice

Get Ur Groove On: On top of Me - Tyrese , G-Spot - Gerald Levert(the part he moans is the best!!!

Inspirational/Gospel: The World's Greatest - R. Kelly

I don’t know why

The I-don’t-know-why genre has music that even I don’t know why I like it ie Tinchy Stryder’s Can you Take Me Back, Calvin Richardson’s There Goes My Baby, Soulja Boy’s Kiss Me Thru the Phone…lol…

I also like certain songs maybe just because they make me want to bust a move..and well I do try my the moment The Dream’s ‘Shaking That Thing Like’ is my song and I am doing my best in shaking that thing…though nothing gets me on the dance floor faster than Cameo’s Candy and 9ice’s Gongo Afro, I can even sing along to!! I’m crazy about Lil Wayne’s music and he’s one talented guy!! Lady Gaga’s Just Dance…well need I say more? Some songs will tell you what happened,'she gave us some drinks,we drunk em and got', some what's about to happen 'Love Scene by Joe'..and some well just might be true 'Because I got High' by Afroman is no lie, dude WAS high!!
Gerald Levert's songs always bring tears to my eyes...don't know why..but they just do!!

I have concluded that T-Pain is an alcoholic, either he’s buying some-one a drink, getting tipsy or he’s praising the bar-tender or he’s just blaming it on the alcohol…sigh… So everytime you come to my space, you might hear different music, and that’s because I’ll be in a certain frame of mind…and right about now…what’s your song?

When I’m feeling at my least creative and I need ideas I turn to music, guaranteed I will hear a song that will send my mind into over-drive. There are some songs that don’t make sense, some that are way too deep and some you just want to meet the writer and shake their hand.

This is the first in a 3part series sharing my 3 loves, music, my friends and books!! Hope you are all, please enjoy the video below (I know you've seen it by now but I'm loving it still!!Go Buhle..Hoza..wiv my friends its now official that when you suddenly feel like dancing all crazy its going to be called 'A Buhle' Moment)...As always I say to you..Happy sexing xoxo


Jayla said...

don't even know what life without my ipod would be like. I have a hard drive with over 7k songs and each song sort of brings up memory of someone/time/place or even dreams.

Ultimately Myself said...

your blog title reminds me of literature in high school

Yebo yes! music is a love we share. Common language amongst peeps of all nations. I dont have a favourite, it's too hard to pick JUST ONE amongst so many... Lil wayne defo is talented!!! isnt it nice tho that there's music for every mood we're in. Gospel when we wna be with God, some to get your body pop lock and dropping, winding and grinding, chillaxing, happy sexing or wateva... K, now i cant wait to drive home and blast some beats!!!

K said...

Shona stop putting Buhle on blast sha...lmao....sha the rolling of the eyes kills me and whats with the fingers into the palm gesture when emphasizing "strumming my pain wid his finga's!!!" HOZA Mama Hoza!!!

I feel you on music...if there was no music in the world what would I do. I have songs on my ipod that remind me of ex boyfriends, friends, moments in my life...good and bad.

I'm also like you I have such an eclectic taste in music people fear when I lend them a mix cd... at the moment I'm loving this mix cd I have that has
Brenda Fassie- Weekend Special
Cold Play- Fix You
Adele- Hometown
Say yes- Floetry
Sex on fire- Kings of Leon
Show me the way- papa wemba

Crazy mix I tell you!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

yay im in the top 5 yippee
just had to come and leave my mark
am off to the gym
hopefully it will be a fitter more toned Miss DM that will come back later to read and comment.
How have you been Sho,
i have been committing some serious autrocities(sp) during my haitus
autrocities (sp) you would probably get me hanged for.
lemme go to the gym and get these thunderous thighs a pound lighter
will be back for a chat later

Ms.O said...

I love music and anyone who knows me well, knows to get me CD's as presents! I listen to different genre's too and music does remind me of the strangest people and circumstances. I do not know what I would do without my I-pod or Itunes!

audzz said...

jus heard one of my tunez of the moment "rich boy ft polow and keri hilson good things" reminded me of your blog - CANT Live without music fo sure

Funms-the rebirth said...

where would i be without music! like CSS sang: Music is my girlfriens, music is my boyfriend......Music is my hot hot sex!
I love music.......its my inspiration and i can also listen to any genre... some friends think im weird with my song choices somtimes....
right now im feeling The Fray's album and my fave song is enough for now........

Hadassah said...

I lost my ipod in the cab had the best old skool music including the urban grooves stuff.

Now my computer is dead and my music is lost. And that you tube vid is going around very fast lol but th white guy does bad in being simon.

ibiluv said...

dont we all have the i dont know why list????

music...i love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Temite said...

I LOVE MUSIC. Ok I guess most people do. and the funny thing is I love all genres. From country to classical to jazz to RnB, hard rap, yodelling. Erthing.
Seriously, that girl was straight killing me softly with that nonsense dance at the end. men. men. Temite leaves still shaking her head.

Just...Toluwa said...

tht music is my life wld be an understatement. I have tons of music on my laptop, am surprised it hasnt just gotten fed up and shut down .

dt vid is hilarious!

in case u avnt been, go to for the an award put together by Sting, Geisha, naija girl and I. go vote, and win...its gonna be fun!

Vera Ezimora said...

Hey! What da heck happened 2 my comment????

Shona, report!

Uzezi said...

lol. i feel u on that i dont know why category.
seriously, the 90s music were the best.

and i think i say this cos im getting old and that is my old school. i see my siblings wondering what nonsense music im listening to. just as i used to wonder the nonsense my seniors listen to then.

nothing like music. it brings you friends and the likes

Robyn said...

Music is a drug it gets you all hooked up.
makes all of us junkies.

flabby said...

the music thing is totally me- but isnt everyone in love with muisc? wait-no actually

*sorry i tend to go off on a tangent*

ShonaVixen said...

@Jayla - Same here..gots to love the i-pod!!!

@Ultimately - Duke Orsino - Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare! Hope you blasted those beats on your drive home!!

@K - I really can't stop putting Buhle on blast sha-a, she reminds me of home, what i miss about home..random craziness like this!!..LOL...OMG Brenda's Weekend Special played on my ipod the other day and even I was surprised i had it there!!!

@MDM - come back and fill me in really i needs to be updated!!

@MsO. - I still get CDs for certain artists and some will just download the!

@Audzz - sha-a I forgot to listen to that song, will listen to it this evening when i get home coz you are raving abt it so!yess i got the FB link!!

@Funms - a world without music would surely be lost and silent!!I'll be listening to the Frays album when i get home

ShonaVixen said...

@Haddash - Gurl how are you surviving without music???

@Ibiluv - LOL!! I guess we all do!!

@Temite - maybe that's why she sang that kill us all softly..and u know i'm still crackin up when i watch it! Aint no remix like that one!!!

@Just Toluwa - so when does the voting start? I HAVE to get 2 Awards!!!So do we also get lil statues that we can display in our homes??

@Vera - What comment? I seriously didn't get any other comment other than this one...come n explain what you didnt do??LOL...

@Uzezi - yes 90s were the best!!Gosh the days and we say its ol then again i like the ol' skool, ol' skool Teddy Pendergrass, Peabo Bryson, Cameo, Smokey, Earth,Wind & Fire!!

@Robyn - yup, u're right we are definitely junkies!!!and NO NO NO we're not going to rehab!!

@Flabby - lol...i guess everyone in their own lil way !!


OluwaDee said...

I also have my own genre.
Ditched my ipod for my phone; dont like carrying too many gadgets.

Seven pounds is really good. Had to watch it again, just to count the seven pple he helped.

Afrobabe said...

Darn, the moment I blink u update...mcheeew..

lol @ u singing along to gongo aso..dont know how u do it babe cos I dont know any line except khaki no be leather...
I think most of my songs would fll into the dont know why category...

For my groove on section its all oldies baby...from lets get it on to baby face's everytime I close my eyes...those songs make me wanna....

Olamild said...

I love Gerald Levert's music

I can't imagine life without music so i feel ya on this post.

~Sirius~ said...

Music and I are tied to the womb!

I have 2 ipods and 1 zen! I can never get enough, I listen to all sorts- BTW I love how you phrased T-Pain! nice creativity there.

MY "I don't know why" is called RANDOM...LOl
I guess we all get into that mood sometimes.

Geebee said...

Music, Friends and Books. 3 things that a balanced being shouldn’t do without. Indeed, music is the food of love and in fact the food of the soul. Many a time, I feel like killing someone owing to Naija and Lagos stress and what do I do . . . Fix my earphones into my ears and listen to endless music and in minutes I feel like I’m sailing on the Pacific. The best of all is . . . lovemaking with good music in the background. Wao! Now, who wants to argue that music isn’t the food of love indeed?

Rita said...

I feel a bit envious of the way you love music :-) Someone synchronized my itunes with his ipod. 2 days later he came running back asking if i omitted the music. how disappointed he was to know there was little or not music on my system.

LOL @ ur "I-dont-know-why" genre. That's a new one.

And I love the quote "If Music Be the Food of Love...Then Play On..."

TBR said...

You and your music sha.

This is like an ode to music!

ShonaVixen said...

@Oluwadee...i just can't leave my ipod alone even though i could use my phone..i guess we've formed a!!
Glad you think 7 pounds was a great movie!!

@Afro - gurl i tried to look for you on FB to give u a heads up!!I can easily learn a language thru music *yes, I can*!!..but ask me what Gongo Aso!OOOh I'm now singing BabyFace's Everytime I close eyes...

@Olamild - Me too!!!

@Sirius - wow, 2ipods and a Zen talk of having back-up!!well i have two ipods that have crushed on me though...

@GeeBee - yup those are the 3 loves!!Well, i have done a post on love making music..ages ago i guess..might regurgitate it!!

@Rita - Ooooh no, I'd have cried n cried if i were to get back and the music was gone...
Yeah, my i-don't-know-why playlist has random music that sometimes i go hunh?

@TBR - yup definitely an Ode to music..

Frankie Rose said...

Music is a art on it's own. it tells it story. I can forever find a song that was writing just for my life.

As for lil Miss. Idol.....oh no Is she serious?

Naija Bloggers Awards 2009 said...

Can't find a link to tigress's blog. Could u leave it on the site. Thanks.

Nefertiti said...

LMAO @ that chic mahn, she was st8 tripping. I think she was paid to do it tho.

U like that rocking that thang song? I just can't stand that Dream dude. He sounds fruity. And no I ain't

ShonaVixen said...

@Frankie Rose - Lil Miss Idol is now a superstar!!!!No remix beats that!..HOZA!!HOZA!!Gosh I miss home..

@NaijaBlog - Done and pasted on your page..and I sure hope I have more than 2 awards!!!!

@Neffie - LOL! Looks like a drama student who was just out to have some fun!!, I don't like the Dream too, I bought his first album and I wanted to smack myself after hearing him saying the 'Ella 'Ella too many time...geez we know he wrote the song..but i guess i'm a sucker for some rubbish music sometimes coz its under my I-DON'T-KNOW-Y!!

Anonymous said...

Shona, loving ur spot! Go on and Fly the Zimbabwe Flag High!Am mighty proud that you is a Zim female..talented too!!

Buttercup said...

ahhh music..i breathe music!

we have similar tastes in music :D

gosh, i only just watched this girl on tv last night! im surprised the neighbours didnt call the popo on my siblings n i with the way we erupted with laughter! DANG!!!!


Tigeress said...

That was absolutely hilarious!!! And it just amazes me that folks like this really think they can sing and are not aware that they are being laughed at.

Oyin said...

hahahaha the Idol audition was so funny...she smiled and then she dropped her smile and then smiled again....


Oyin said...

I dont have an Ipod...I steal my daughters every chance I get....sheesh she better share..

how are you?