Tuesday, 6 January 2009

An Ode to the Brothas

I'm not asking for the impossible

I'm not seeking the unattainable
Or is it in my mind that I think

That this is all as easy as a wink?
But then again, if it were that difficult
How come some have achieved it?
All I ask for is a good word for the brothas
When I say brothas I mean the men of colour

Sons of Mama Africa

who come in different shades and flavours
The espressos, the caramel macchiatos,
the mulattos My coffee-flavoured men,
Children of the motherland.
For they say they can’t do right by their women,
They don't stay around to raise their children
They play more games than the Premiership
They just can’t communicate with words
But I say, today my voice is the sword
That will fight for these men
The men that I know,
who stand by their teams
Who believe and work towards their dreams
The men, who toiled and still toil to bring a good name
Men whose names are held in memory halls of fame
Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali and
Barack Obama. These are all black men

The men who are my brothers
The men I respect
The men my mother loves
And my grandmother loved
The men who all women seek and fight for
They are the great inventors of traffic lights,
They are the first heart surgeon
They are the witty and tactful from the West side
The calm ones from the East side
The descendants of the Pharaohs from the North
The cool and suave from the South
All sons of the African continent
I shall proclaim and shout in their honour
For I know they would wear that armour
With pride and defend their dignity
The only good they have ever said about them
Is that they are well hung to which I won’t disagree,
for they come in different shades And sizes
Ooh brotha ooh brotha
They are connoisseurs of the ghetto karma sutra,
Strokes so rhythmical, a touch so tender

Kisses so endearing
Only they understand the true essence of partnership
Upgrading and making each other better
So though I still seek my own
To be the blues in my funk And rhythm in my thighs
I say Viva to the brothas!
This is an old piece of mine..having read some posts et al about how slack and whack the brothas are I just thought why not bring this one out!And the pictures are for all my gurls...feast your eyes boos..London chickas hope this will make you a tad bit warmer..lol.!!Much love to all the brothas doing it right and as always happy sexing xoxo
I still can't get rid of that .gif on my header, I mean I might have had Santa's whip but I don't need it no more...sigh...what to do..SOS any1?


~Sirius~ said...

I must say, we have a lot of negativity towards our brothas and not all of them deserve that. We say harsh things about them, not caring about the few good ones that exist- and so to the few good ones I share Shona's words- *ViVa*

QMoney said...

happy new year.
u know u can actually remove d "anon" option!
Big up to the black brothas.
me 1stttttttttttttt

Afrobabe said...

Great God, you didn't just put his pic up....

Now I need help....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

There are good brothers out there who look like my darling Moris, or Idris Elba (that bruther is soooo hot) what was I saying...

yeah, there are some guys out there who not only look good but have their head screwed in place as well..

where are they??

When you find out let me know!!!

Afrobabe said...

Silly girl, can believe we were chatting and u didn't tell me you were about posting....

ShonaVixen said...

@Sirius - so true girl..so true, the few good ones do deserve a word up!!

@QMoney - Yeah I know about removing the 'anon' option, but some folks dont want to go thru the hassle of creating a google account even though it takes less than a couple of mins!!
Its that 'Vixen's got santa's whip' that i cant seem to remove!!

@Afro - All for YOU *singing as best as i can like Janet Jackson)...and i've just added Idris for ya..you still ok love??
Yeah there are a good men out there, and err m still searching high n low, but when i find a whole stack of them will let you know the source..lol...

Afrobabe said...

ok, now u r just being wicked!!!!

Yeah I see u added my main man..my boo, the love of my life, the only cockroach in my cuboard, the apple of my heart.....

Idris...I LOVE YA...

Jaguda said...

well put togeher words about our brothas. big up to you.p.s. that whip is HAWT

Danny Bagucci said...

To a few good men... *clinks glasses and downs a full cup of whatever it is that toasts are done with*....

Keep searching, you'll find them...

Funms-the rebirth said...

I cant read further. i think i;d come back cuz u put Morris here. damn he's hot, i want..... i want, i want! i'd be back......gosh, hes's hot

Funms-the rebirth said...

to get rid... try going to customize on the right hand of ur blog when ur signed in and remove it from the widgets........hope it helps

ive actually met some brothas u described but we need more of those around.........actually, i need ONE!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Ode to those Brothas, in this category of Shona Vixen and to those who still do right in every aspect

K said...

But I say, today my voice is the sword,
That I will fight for these men

Love it shamwaz!! like whaaaaaaaaat!!

Got me sidetracked by Morris then had to get my ehad in that frame of mind kuti you are talking about something serious here...lol

Needs to find me a good one...i know you out there!

Just...Toluwa said...

gosh, i was stuck on Idris Elba's picture...read a lil bit...

i need to find some bruthas dt look like those guys in d damn pic...

Nolimit said...

Wow!!! beautiful piece!
can I have mine now plz!!!;-)
I know there MANY good brovas out there...at least one of them is MINE!!!

Temite said...

HA! Good brothas - when you find one that actually wants a sister, PLEASE let me know.

ShonaVixen said...

@Afro - hmmmm Idris..ooooh Idris!!!gurl how can u call him a 'cockroach'?...lol...

@Jaguda - i think that whip is going to be a permanent feature as I can't get rid of it!!

@Danny - Yup, we shall find them, hope isnt lost!!

@Funms - hmmm the eye-candy blinded you I see...please come and read the post..lol..
Thanx for that but I dont know whether m being ditzy or what but I still can't get rid of it!!

@K - Thank mutop face wangu!!Yeah gurl you'll get urself a good one, he's out there!!I just had to give the brothas a shout out..like say something good about them early on the year..lol!!
Ndeipi sha??

@Standtall - Amen to that!!!

@NoLimit - thanx a lot!!I know in 2009 i shall bag me a brotha who deserves that ode!!..the cynics please shoosh right about now..lol..

@Temite - LOL...yeah they tend to want a whole load of milk in their coffee dont they??But m sure they're out there

LondonDiva said...

I love this, for the good brothas that get dogged on especially. I finally found my way over to Shona Vixen blogville and decided to show some love as you have over on mine the past few weeks. A little something I'd like to share with you, I wrote this for the sistahs as I too was tired of the negativity and put downs we so often face ourselves.


Nefertiti said...

Mmm mmm mmmm mm! Here's a toast to all these kind of brothas. Fine literary work Ms Shona!

but Morris.... oh morris...

Angel said...

SIS!! So you confuse me with sexy photos and then try and get me to actually read the writing, I had to look at the photos on day one and read on day two!!

I love what you wrote girl, we need to show our men some serious love!!!

Afrobabe said...

Came for my daily dose of sweaty bruthas....

lol...yep....You know how we all hate cockroaches but if he were a cockroach I would let him roam my house babes....

but as a man, he can roam me...

ShonaVixen said...

@LondonDiva - Girl, you know I love ur blog...m addicted..lol...and the piece you wrote..wow!wow!wow!!Any1 reading the comments please do got to Miss LondonDiva's page!!

@Neffie - Thanks hon!!!They do deserve a shout out even if its a handful of them..lol..and OOOOh Morris, what I would do to him...and Idris...gosh i guess thats one time I wouldnt mind a 3-some wiv Morris and Idris...lol...

@Angel - Sorry sis, I just wanted you to enjoy the eye-candy, hell in London we do need it wiv such weather we need them to keep us all hot and bothered..lol...
And the good brothas do need some1 to say 'Viva' to them!!

@Afro - I see, so he's your special cockroach then!! Girl feast your eyes...where's that email I have wiv all eye-candy so i can send to you..lol...

Parakeet said...

I cant believe you;re holding a torch for the brothas. You need serious whipping. But I doff my heart for your writing skills. You goooooooda!

badderchic said...

"So though I still seek my own
To be the blues in my funk And rhythm in my thighs "

Dayyum girl, you got me licking my lips at work, Morris Chesnut and all!


you knw we love to hate you, and only you ONLY YOU can do us right.

Sho baby,

Dayyum you can write!

Writefreak said...

Very good one!

A big ups for the brodas..

Men of valour...like my hubby *winks*

LusciousRon said...

My first instinct was ooh la la. I love this post I think more brothas should be appreciated for doing it right and the not so kosher ones should read it and learn a thing or two.

I say more ink to your pen. Cheesy? I know.

Oyin said...

Im feeling this Shona....

Its hard to fine a good strong black man these days

ablackjamesbond said...

Good to know some pple still believe in us.

ShonaVixen said...

@Parakeet...LOL...I know wiv the way I moan abt the rubbish ones in my life..lol..But I know there are good ones out there and those do deserve a shout out!!...And heey you saying my writing skills are good means a lot to me!!

@Badderchic - thanks a lot hon...one of my girls says this is my best piece and now I think I actually believe her..lol..
Hmm the eye candy is too much for all I guess, Gosh Morris is a looker and then Idris he's the black English brotha I love!!!

@Writefreak - thanks hon!! And viva to your hubby :)

@LusciousRon - I so heart cheesy!!!

@Oyin - thanx gurl...and yup it is hard to find such a brotha, m busy saying Ode's to them and I aint got one..

@AblackJamesBond - Yup, I do believe in the brothas, though they might let me down I still know they're a few good men out there!!

*Lady D* said...

Your ode was written so eloquently and beautifully. And idris elba, and morris...hhhhhmmmmnnnn, yes. lol.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

cant believe im 30th
I need to start stalking blogs like crazy coz this is simply unacceptable.
Loved this piece
we are so good at putting down the brothas when they do us wrong
but dont praise them enough when they do us right.

doll said...

Happy new yr babes..nice ode to the brovas

StandTall-The Activist said...


ShonaVixen said...

@Lady D - Thanx a lot gurl...and I have already said Idris is just my London boy!!

@MDM - yes you do need to be a stalker you cant be at number 30 hon!!Not on this blog...lol..
And the brothas do deserve a shout out instead of bashing them..a guy friend who read this piece asked me where was the one were m cussing out the brothas and when i said i didnt have one, he thinks I dont want to show it to him...even they dont think black women will sing praises to them!!...such a shame

@Doll - Happy New Year hon and thank you

@Standtall - Thanx, I've seen it...i guess this week is my week of bloggers mentioning good stuff about me..coz LondonDiva also did!!

NaijaBabe said...

Reminds me of the Angie stone/Alicia Keys song...


Tigeress said...

ooh i like very much Shona. Nice one.

Happy new year.

Vera Ezimora said...

No be say you talk am. I have been feasting my eyes ooo! Kai.

....if wishes were horses!! That guy on top (don't remember his name. I know he has an African sounding name). Say, can I do take-away with him??

Vera Ezimora said...

Oh yeah, Idris.

Too hawt!!

Uzezi said...

in life we always will have the good the bad and the ugly. we should learn to appreciate our brothers, especially the ones who are impressive and encourage the others. because really some of them act out of low self esteem.

K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shubby Doo said...

shona you have a way with words...viva to the brotha's...when they aint misbehaving badly that is!!!

happy new year hun

Tella said...

that is some poem, nicely written, thought provoken as well...although guys will shy away from it or prob bash back...cos there are few good ones indeed...kudos

LondonDiva said...

Off Topic...sorry to hijack Shona I added a lil review http://londondiva.blogspot.com/2009/01/money-saver-contact-lenses.html

Brothers Blog said...

This is a great piece. And as a brotha I really appreciate these words.

K said...

Shona warrup??? Need you to holla at me ASAP....Thinking of doing a regular series on my blog where I interview peeps who I love to read and get to ask them some questions...do you wanna participate??

Robyn said...

you are after my own heart i tell you.Am with you on this i love the poem,adore the style.

B2B said...

Thank you a million SHona
you have no idea how this feels!!



ShonaVixen said...

@Naijababe - wow...glad it reminds of songs by 2 great women!!

@Tigeress - Thanx gurl!!That means a lot to me!!

@Vera - You can have Idris for an early bday present..lol...

@Uzezi - you are so right, some times acting on their low self-esteem these men take it out on their women, by their own actions and what they say or don't say...and the ones who do act 'right' do deserve an applause!!

@ShubbyDoo - thanx hon, i try with my words!! Hmmm you just need to tell me how u got some...yup I aint letting that go..lol..

@Tella - yeah I know, guys might bash back not realising this is actually singing praise to them...such a shame when that happens!!

@LondonDiva - thanx boo

@BrothersBlog - Thank you and glad you appreciate this!!

@Kooksie - Well, I have acted as per your request!!Thank you for the interview!!

@Robyn - thanx a lot dude...somehow m blushing...lol..

@B2B - Glad I made you feel special..lol..

Super star! said...

I believe the black brotha bashing crusade is etched in post-colonial thoughts/arguments that attack the black men as the symbolism and custodians of future black generation. By making him ashamed of himself he acts on the typical stereo type, to which people exclaim " we told you so"- thus the son of a black man has his script written before he even enters the world.

It does not help when our sisters then join this crusade and unbeknown to them concoct and cement this script 9 months in the womb.

What you have done Shona is question this script so thank you for acknowledging the brothaz and we will do what is humanely possible to do right by you- nubian queen...

ShonaVixen said...

@Superstar! - hey, I totally feel you on that, being the only girl in my family wiv 4 brothers I have seen the brothaz @ work, BUT at the end of the day, they are good men and so as I applaud my own brothers, why not applaud those out there too who are doing right!!
And yeah you best do what is humanely possible to do right by moi, Shona!!..x

Tigeress said...

just read ur interview with Kookie. I'm working on your Jay-Z babes- i'm working on it. lol!

ShonaVixen said...

@Tigeress - LMAO...You better work on my 6'6" Jay-Z..othawise I'm suing...lol...

Aijay said...

Wow!!! This is a good piece.. Nothing like our brothas, especially the chocolate ones... lol. Good thing my man is :)