Monday, 12 January 2009

I Salute the Black Sista!!

Dark-skinned, mulatto, caramel

The different shades of her
Tall and slim, short and curvy
The different shapes of her
Elegant and graceful

The presence of her

Sensual and feminine

The scents of her

Nurturing, hardworking and loving

The essence of her

Family and culture the roots of her

Fearless, boldness and pride

The being of her

Sexy, intelligent and damn bootylicious

The beauty of her

Multi-tasking, multi-lingual

The versatility of her

Adaptable to new environments

Coping without family and friends

Getting an education whilst working fulltime

And supporting her immediate & extended family

Still looking flyy on a Sunday after working 6 days

Crying in private whilst being bold in public

Superwoman wishes she was her

For she is the African woman

Proud to be African for that’s the soul of her!!
My last post was a celebration of the brothas, and so I once more throw in this piece for my sistas as it wouldn't be fair for me not to give them a shout out! My girl LondonDiva also did a great tribute to the sistas!
Ooooh after being Kookie, she did an interview of getting to know me..go and read on!! And I have to say she asked if I had my own Jay-Z, and NO,I don't, y'all would know about gurl tell'em!!, as always happy sexing xoxo


Marjoram said...


just to claim my spot.
*off to read*

Marjoram said...

A toast to the sistas
*clinking of glasses*

~Sirius~ said...

Mcheww! And I thought I'd be 1st!!!

I'm raising my glass to this...A toast, to all the wonderful ladies out there......"To Us"

Off to read your interview.

tobenna said...

Happy sexing?
Whats that?

Tigeress said...

gurl, i'm working on it!!! lol! Hopefully we'll get you ur Jay-Z.

~Sirius~ said...'a an interview of getting to know Her, My bad.....

LusciousRon said...

I thought there were just two comments hmmn. Stalkers.

Hurray to the sisters! Glad to be one.

Shubby Doo said...
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ShonaVixen said...

@Marjoram - well get a star today!!and lets clink the glasses!!

@Sirius - sorry hon, better luck next time!!

@Tobenna - You don't know what happy sexing is??Dude, its great love making..not just those who do it just to do gots to be happy with the one you're sexing, as its not always the case!!

@Tigeress - LOL!!!

@Sirius - Nope its an interview to know me boo...go read again!!

@LusciousRon - hmmm you have to be Michael Phelps fast next time yup m proud to be an African sista!!

Shubby Doo said...

I am she... Damn girl you have a way with words...when is the book coming out? Okay heading over to kookie's to read...

Jay-z would be lucky to have u jare

Jarrai said...

oh yes...hail us!!!

Going to read kookies blog..

Oh yeah..what is happy sexing?. You can blame tobenna for highlighting it lol!

ShonaVixen said...

@ aww thanx Shubby!!!and enjoy over @

@Jarrai - Happy Sexing is just that...happy sexing..appreciating your sexing/lovemaking/freaking/knocking the boots...just do it well and savour each moment..u get the drift??

Temite said...

YAY! That is me. Raise your glass to the AFRICAN WOMAN. I read that interview last night and Shona I just ran and added you to my blog roll. When I woke up this morning and I saw that you updated I did a little piroutte around my computer. And I must say that I am so happy. that poem aptly describes so much of us. Here is to the African Woman.

Temite said...

and happy sexing to all of una!

Ms.O said...

I love being an AFRICAN WOMAN!!! loves the poem! I want a Jay Z tooo!!!

FineBoy Agbero said...

yeah... we hail d black sistas o!

triple twale!!

K said...

See now I know why I am always outside the top ten on this blog... people be doing DOUBLE commenting!!! so in reality I am like 5th instead of 15th or 20th....

Heh woman this dedication to us is on point! I love the part about supporting her IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED KNOW we do that better than no other!

Can you please send my finders fee of $1000 (USD) to the address I will be sending you if people actually find you your Jay...LOL...seriously to my address...ha ha

Good Naija Girl said...

What a lovely tribute to us women.

Funms-the rebirth said...

i was wondering when u were going to salute us........ To us!!! the most beautiful being on earth.... proudly black and beautiful!

*Lady D* said...

1st of all, love this post! Beautifully said as always! You definitely made me smile.
2nd of all, i read your interview w/ kookie, you're too cute, and i absolutely LOVE Enid Blyton!

Just...Toluwa said...

That was me u were writing abt abi? lol!

on a serious note, i raise my glass to d sistas!

B2B said...

if i could only...

ok, was losing it for a minute there

again, thanks for sharing this, coz i have done so with her already!!

Telekinesys said...

Nice poetry.Strong.

Super star! said...

My black woman!

What can I compare her to?
How can I ever describe her?

It’s in the darkness of her skin
The richness of her curves,
The ebullient smile,
The blackness of her hair,
It’s in her round big eyes,
And the shape of her nose
Fervent features, an abundance of Mother Nature.
Those the Gods favour they always give more!

She’s black and beautiful,
The object of my desires,
The missing pierce in my puzzle!

A Captivating mind,
An Infallible character,
She is the eighth wonder of the world,
Indeed at birth many travelled to this see
this blessed creature. A nation has been born they said!

She was brought up by her mother,
Her kind heart did she inherit
Her work ethic she has made her own…
An embodiment of Mother Africa,
The birthplace of mankind,
A bastion for man-hood
Unrivaled Plains, enchanting rivers and deep roots,
Forever cajoled by its mystique and hidden treasures.

A kingdom is strong through her works,
Her Sons and daughters raised in pride
To be kings and queens in lands yonder,

Oh my black woman, never lose your blackness,
Never neglect the words from your mother,
Don’t let go of your dreams!
Indeed stand tall and proclaim your identity
For I will be by your side………..
A strong black man,
Brought up to adore and cherish a black woman!

Itsme! said...


fantasy queen said...

all hail the black sista....
i'm proud to be her and so much more,
my skin looks like caramel, and is sweet like chocolate...
my curves are my bait....
they are ticket to happy sexxing:))))

ShonaVixen said...

@Temite - thanx for adding me on your blog roll!!You know you're a wonderful African woman!!! and Happy

@Ms O - Yup, you deserve to be proud of yourself!!Hmmm now about Jay-Z, we all want's just got that sexy swagger, yes he's not the conventional handsome (whateva that is by the way) but damn...

@FineBoy - Thank you bro!!

@Kooksie - Yeah, yeah, excuses, should be numero uno here mean the world to the black woman!
Hmmm about that Finder's Fee, the thing and Tigeress had a contract before the interview so she'd be the only exempt from the fee but should anyone else deliver a Jay-Z to me then I'll send them your way handitika?

@GNG - thanx hon

@Lady D - Thank you and Thank you!! And hey I just saw some Enid Blyton books on amazon for 1p, so its just paying for the postage and I'm seriously considering getting some..hey no harm in me reliving my childhood right?? its the Mr Meddle

ShonaVixen said...

@ Just Toluwa - Of course its you I'm talking about hon!! And I raise the glass with you!!

@B2B - If you could....???Go on share with what have u done??Saluted the black sista I guess...well done to you!!!

@Telekinesys - Thank you and thanx for dropping by!!

@Superstar! - Wow!WOW! What a piece...great piece if i must say..lucky African Woman!!

@Its me! - Hmm right back

Lolia said...

But African women are amazing sha lol
Love it :)
And Happy New Year! Off to read the posts that I missed over vacation xx

Kemberly said...


Angel said...

Im tosting with Marjoram!

What a lovely post thanks for recognising us!

badderchic said...

Makes me so proud to be a black sistah!

Me sef toast em ladies. lol

Afrobabe said...

Yes...African women deserve a tribute...

We are strong, even when being ignored and misunderstood we still got their backs....

Off to read the interview...

Jaguda said...

loving this big time..................

StandTall-The Activist said...

I salute the black sista for her intelligence
For her invincibility
For her courage to make things happen
For her ability to make lasting changes in her society


NigerianDramaQueen said...

You got that right! I am so proud to be a black, coffee coloured, full hipped African woman! Beautifil, Beautiful piece!
Keep doing your thang' Ms.Shona!

Writefreak said...

That's me she's talking about baby!

Walks confidently and points at

Parakeet said...

Well done sistah! This is solid...I feel so good about meself now. Love ya!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I am indignant
I am on strike
I refuse to leave a comment
this is humiliating
I am a VIP on this blog
I demand access to the VIP section
the top ten
until then
I am keeping my comment about black sistas and how amazing they are, to my self!!!!!!!!!

MissLove said...

happy sexing love!!! a toast to me!

OluwaDee said...

I also salute the black sista!

mr luvable said...

am still waitin girl, lol u are been lazy ,

Isi said...

am not usually too proud being an 'african woman' - u know, the multi-tasking, i-can-take-any-crap-to-remain-married kind of status alot of women subject themselves to, but this piece actually makes me proud.

happy to be an african woman.

happy new year dear!

Geebee said...

I guess it's fair enough if the sistas get their own share, especially since the brothas had theirs. Strong lyrics and smooth rhythm. Just the perfect poem for the true black sista. My mum's the number one black sista to me!

Oyin said...

First I have to tell you that Im stealing your pic. Second I have to say damn the girl looks like Obama oldest daughter (go back and look at the pic you have on blog). She just looks like the older version.

Ok and lastly......its how we should be seen...just as that as beautiful African American strong black women

Afrobabe said...

whats happened to kookie's blog???

Aijay said...

Love this tribute! Well done!

RocNaija said...

Ok so this your interview link ain't working.. :-(