Monday, 24 November 2008

Game On!!

We were both avoiding having this conversation about us. I didnt want to discuss any further how he'd been relagated to the 'Platonic' league. I'd wanted him for so long but I had gotten the message and had gotten off him. A part of me had been re-ignited by seeing him so close , smelling him, musky and dark, dancing with him, laughing and being myself around him. As much as I tried to fight it, something was happening to me. There was a throbbing were words can never be spoken and are never spoken. This throbbing got more intense the closer we got to his house. I tried to think of something that would take my mind off this but nothing seemed to help. Trying to fight hormones and intellect is a difficult battle. He gave me the forehead kiss and hugged me tight. I think we kissed, I cant remember or choose not to. What I do remember is him saying to me

“Shona , I’m sorry for being the plonker playing the game I know pride, ego and just being a brotha keeps me from keeping it real. You know I'm feeling you right?But hey, I'll take the friendship card that you're offering”

I smiled, could he be playing the game uptill now or was he just being sincere. I wasn’t falling for that. I had let my guard down, Shona, this Shona had done what she’d never done, laid it on the table for a brotha, had given him hints, hell I’d traded places and had gone all manly on him but he had been acting up, so I’d had enough of it all!
“Thank you, but I guess I’m tired of games. So I guess we can be cool friends”. With that I tried to open the car door but he stopped me. His hand on mine, we did a little thumb wrestling. He leaned closer, close enough for me to smell him, close enough for my heart to start racing, close enough for us to kiss, but we didn’t.
‘Cool, so lets get on with the game then.Scrabble that is!’ We seductively eyed each other, I looked into those ebony eyes, gosh, this man could smile with his eyes, Tyra Banks would be impressed. He definitely had kryptonite, he did the old skool LL Cool J licking of lips, those kissable lips, and he flashed his white teeth. Now, this was wrong, instead of me screaming that its not time to be playing any games even Scrabble, I lost all that logic and stunned myself by saying ‘Be prepared to lose!’ This had been our first date, I knew I had been wrong to actually expect nothing to happen and yes my girls had sung that Monica song to me ‘I wanna get down but not the first night!’, but who were they to preach?Really, I’m not that na├»ve to think that this ‘Scrabble’ would just be a game of words but here I was at 2.00am claiming to be here to play ‘Scrabble’…maybe that was secret code word for something else! I told myself that I had enough will-power to resist him but I was so wrong!
We got in, I scanned the environment, very tidy but what did I expect? The man already looked tidy, he looked so casually daper, a man who obviously valued his appearance, Ozwald Baoteng shirt (if only he knew that I loved Ozwald’s play with colours?I loved a man who wasn’t afraid to rock OB’s colours), jeans, and the shoes…swexy swagger! He offered me a glass of wine, I opted for tea, yes o tea, please with this weather and also I did say I wanted to be in control here!! Game on, his first word ‘SEXY’, I smiled at the coincidence, Mother Universe don’t you even start! I just did the plain ‘SWAYS’ and then his next one was ‘HORNY’ he was clearly cheating, how could he really be getting such letters?I wanted to play innocent Scrabble, really!!
He laughed, and suggested a break…He put some music on, hmm, why oh why was this temptation? My song of the moment, Beyonce's 'Hello' and like the song this man had me from the moment he'd said 'Hello'!Next thing I know he’d laid me down on his bed, and I felt myself sinking, movement underneath me, a waterbed. Really? Now my curiosity would be satisfied as to what waterbeds felt like. Motion, calm motion, erotic and arousing, I could feel his firmness, roundness, I licked my lips reflexively, my hands went on a discovery journey, why just feel, when I could also touch and look at it. This was it, juicy, dark, well-defined, a vision of true mastery, his maleness could have been used by Van Gogh, it was true art! In the throes of passion, my fingers dug deep into that well-toned muscular back, as he rhythmically moved closer, the bed joined in the motion. I found myself breathing heavily and moaning. Moaning.

Baby I love to see you walk into the room
By the shining lighting up the place
And when you talk everybody stop
Because they know you know just what to say and,
The way that you protect your friends Baby,
I respect you for that
And when you roll you take everyone you love along
I love that shit
Don't fly me away
Don't need to buy A diamond key To unlock my heart
You shelter my soul
You're my fire when I'm cold I want you to know... You had me at hello
Guys...I love you, really I do!and as always Happy Sexing...


NikkiSab said...

hurrayy!!! am i first? Let me go read

audzz said...

I IS FIRST!!! YAAAY!!! Doing the happy dance - i been stalking this blog - brb to comment :)

NikkiSab said...

damn Hawt!!!!!

audzz said...

saucy, firey and feisty! Go on Shona...

Sometimes u jus gotta go with the flow nature and deal with the consequences instead of relying solely on intellect which may hold u back from a good thing... What happened afterwards? waiting

Nefertiti said...

Oh my! Shonaaaaaaaa! Bea-u-tiful! I love the game part... Sooooo Sexy. More, Mooooore! lol.. My lil freaky tail.

Padosh said...

Loool!!!! I think i need to play some "scrabble" soon. Maybe tonight!!!! *mutters to self*Oh darn where can i find a water bed??

Bondgirl said...

This is the ish China!! Whats good ekse? Besides the good loving...inga we are on fire like

Sha my ass is gone for a bit and I come back to check on you and you is busy...CLEARLY! Ah I need black to read this and see what he thinks of this man's seduction techniques because personally ka majealous down this side...LOL.

You do your thing chica!

ShonaVixen said...

@Nikki - Well done hon, you first on the spot!! and yeah we need some heat on blogville too, its chillier than Scotland at the

@Audzz - Sorry boo I think Nikki beat u to that but hey 2nd place is still not bad, next time Michael Phelps-Usain Bolt-Barack Obama urself here!!You like the fiery Shona??..Yeah sometimes its just unexpected and its whoa!!LOL...patience my

@Nefertiti - Gurl now that means a lot to me coming from ya!!Aint even started yet gurl....m just getting warm thinking of the next part m going to

Padosh - yeah, go on and get ur 'scrabble' on...and a water bed is an added!!

Bondgirl - hesi chica!!lol @ jealous down - sha long time since i'd heard that m going to be using it tell Black to bring himself over him and add this to his already impressive skills (yes, Black does have skills too)..chica hope ure good and ya xoxo

Olamild said...


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

no wonder you want to take a haitus from blogsville
with 'all that' going on who wants to be sat in front of a computer typing when your hands could be tapping a whole different melody?



You bad girl!

Temite said...

Ehn. You are my HERO men. Keep it up!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I cracked up at the part when you wrote "he could smile with his eyes. Even Tyra would be proud"...Im a America's Next Top Model junkie and I can't count the times she's said that. I still don't know how to smile with just my eyes sha...

But this was HOT AND SPICY! Go on with your bad self Miss Shona. Work it! LOLLL

TheAfroBeat said...

Wow, great post. It's past 4am here and i was just about to hit the sack but then couldn't stop reading.

We all need a little bit of sexy scrabble sometimes.

~Sirius~ said...

Shona's got her groove on, you go girl.
Seriously, Did he really get those words on the scrabble board?..... That's so cheating!

ShonaVixen said...

@Olamild - LOL

@MDM - LOL...gurl you gurl i heed ur call for no

@MamaBomboy - Sorry (with very naughty grin on my face)

@Temite - thanx gurl and wow, i gained the hero status!!Now me likey that

@NDG - yeah Tyra always says that one, and I just end up looking cross-eyed trying to 'smile' wiv my eyes...and gurl my bad self is going to get

@TheAfrobeat - wow, now m honoured that you're up at 4am reading this piece...thank you, thank u, thank u!!And yup 'Scrabble' is needed by all!!

naijalines said... this girl sha. You like games ehn?

mr luvable said...

was almost getting it up by juss reading this , lookin on the bright side u still got it ,lol now i also need some

K said...

I am so delayed, so like can we get the follow up...let me go find my phone/address book and a scrabble board while I wait...LOL

miz-cynic said...

shona.damn girl,u don inspire post 2 post.guy got game men!was tnking bout owning a water bed not 2 long ago.jealous girl

clnmike said...


That right there was HOT!

bArOquE said...
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Emeka Amakeze said...

Scrabble is taking a new meaning.

Vimbai said...

I am so jealous you got some, eish, some of us are dwelling in some Gaza strip drought-like conditions at the moment.

At least it was Scrabble you played, some lingering word foreplay...and not...30 seconds, LMAO!

12kyle said...

comin thru for the 1st time!

this was str8 fiyah! Loved it!

ShonaVixen said...

@Naija - they say hate the player not the game no?

@MrLuvable - hmm was it that hott henh?..LOL..i think its been ages

@K - too late my friend, asi why??Go on and play 'scrabble'

@Mizcynic..lemme go and check this post out

@ClnMike - thank u, thank u , thank u...penguin clapping

ShonaVixen said...

@Emeka - it sure we have our own code

@Vimbayi - jerasi down shamwa!!Hmm 30 least it wasnt connect four, i get so serious about it you know as if i get an

12kyle - do come again bro!!

Buttercup said...

Just read the post above n u said this was a story! Why??????????

Glad u r still bloggin hon!

Buttercup said...

Just read the post above n u said this was a story! Why??????????

Glad u r still bloggin hon!

Afrobabe said...


Spill girl, who this Van Gogh????

ShonaVixen said...

@Buttercup - sorry o hon...

@Afrobabe - yes gone too long and this na story imagination gone wild as always

Tisha said...

u r crazy
so are u dating him?