Sunday, 16 November 2008

Confessions...Would you???

Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing Helen Rowland

This topic came to mind whilst watching my fav new show Lipstick Jungle(I'm mad that its been cancelled!!)...When you cheat on a cheater should you confess??Would you start singing like a canary about all you did or would you keep quiet?Alternatively, you cheated but not on a cheater, would you like Usher, croon about all your confessions because maybe what you did might come back to haunt you or stalk you??...Have you ever confessed??Or is it what they dont know wont hurt them?Would you only confess under duress?Because we all know a guilty conscience does tend to play havoc too!But then again sometimes, after all the honesty, you might lose what you had(yeah yeah I know the price you pay for doing the sin anyway, but is there consolation for you coming out with truth?)...would you??Personally, I plead the

“A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." Albert Camus

How's been your weekend homies??I am exhausted, just got back from bed broke...yup I broke my bed!(guess its just not MDM breaking her, I wasn't in the throes of passion , I wish I was because that's good reason to break the the bed about 6months ago, I assembled it myself and guess I didnt do a good enough job...this time I'm having a friend fix it for me...and my 7yr old god-daughter Bimbims, managed to tell any-one who cared to listen today that 'Aunty broke her bed!!' besides trips to Ikea, I wasnt feeling well all of last week, had an asthma attack Monday, hadnt had one in a while, and bless Bimbims who I was babysitting that evening...poor kid cried and cried on our way to the hospital(she's been watching Eastenders and thought I was going to die like Dawn's man:her words)..My cute laptop also crashed on me this past week, I lost pictures, my music, and my book!!Luckily also have the book on USB, but a part of me crashed on knowing its just not on the laptop any more..aah well such a week...I however did go out partying to Movida on Friday...good fun considering it was with Mr Frenchie and his Merrill Lynch colleagues, and all the other groupies that come with city guys(I have never liked that kinda of lifestyle(one of the reasons Mr Frenchie is an ex)...Shona doesnt get impressed by the money-throwers...but it was good fun..patron on ice)! I was also meant to go to Seductive Saturdays (so seductive - Fiddy been seduced there yet my girl ended up cancelling her birthday do there..its been a while since I've heard Gongo Aso in a

Nway dearies, talk to Shona and as always happy sexing! xoxo

PS: Blogger is hating on ShonaV dont know why...hope you'll be able to post ur comments


Tigeress said...

finally we can leave a comment.

As for the bed & God-daughter- that's funny. Hope you're feeling much better from your attack.


MissLove said...

shonaaaa are u sure i havent seen u around!!! lol im goin movida soon cos its my friend's bday!!! gosh im sure u had fun! aww poor u sorry im asthmatic too :( seductive sats!!! hmmm..isnt that my friend's sis thingy lol omg! anyways im 1st i think whoo hoo!!

MissLove said...

oh And about confessions!! I love being gives peace!

mr luvable said...

confessions ,just as good as hanging yoself. you can be sure that if and thats if u a forgiven 4real after the confession each and every arguement,will always end up in that story u confessed about for sometime. for me i like a person who confesses as long as they can stand the outcome, its also better to hear from the horses mouth than from another person coz no one can hide an issue forever.

as for the bed i can only say, its am important furniture in the house and we do a lot of crazy shit on it and we end up losing it, but dont worry it`s replaceable, lol , u have already replaced yours

Danny Bagucci said...

Guess the confession thingy depends on the parties involved (obviously) and if they can handle it...

NigerianDramaQueen said...

-I honestly wouldnt confess, unless we were both confessing. Confessing about cheating hardly ever does any good, save making our conscious feel better. I'd rather risk the drama of it being discovered, than confess. But thats just me sha!lol
-LOL about your bed!!! Glad you were able to get it fixed at least!

talesandtallies said...

Confession is a difficult thing... easy for you to say but when you find urself in that position its a different thing. I think, if i cheated, I would tell the partner... depending on how committed i am though. Else, he can jst go to hell if he finds out cuz i would deny deny deny

Audzz said...

I'm one for absolute honesty and find it really hard lie. From a past experience i couldnt confess - jus kept it silent - figured wot ya dont know wont hurt(so that wasnt lying), LOL.... When the truth came out it did hurt - there was no way i could deny. So maybe its good to confess. The guilt does eat u up hey...

ROFLMAO @ god-daughter telling everyone u broked your bed! Peeps defo jump to a particular conclusion bout how that happened, lol.

NikkiSab said...

I one for truth as much as u can
ususally i run in d 90% truth theory. Sorry dear!! Look like tins av been a bit tricky, it is well. Takia of ur self dear.

ShonaVixen said...

Just to say Aloted was actually first, she commented on the previous post as she couldnt post on this one!!...So she's first...dont

@Tigeress - Dont know why blogger be hating on Shona but glad that our beef is God-daughter is very funny - she even had this naughty smirk whilst letting all in Ikea know i broke the bed...i got many questioning feeling so much of a human being now thanx!!
Seductive Saturdays - my gurl Tash says it so

@Misslove - gurl maybe we've been bumping into each other wivout even knowing...Movida was good fun, had a dance off wiv gay dude on Miss Bey's All My Single Ladies..i think I won coz he got me a, Seductive Sats..will let you know when m down hey being real is the way to go..i

@Mr Luvable - Yup, there are consequences to confessions and so it depends on whether we can stand the heat!!Yeah, I replaced the bed, and had some DIY expert fix it up for me coz apparently m not that good...I LOVE my IKEA

@Danny - I guess its always the outcome of the confessions that most worry about..

miz-cynic said...

my stance is still if i'm asked i would not lie but i wouldnt readily tell....why hurt anoda human being knowingly....wht he doesnt know won't hurt him jare.

ShonaVixen said...

@NDG - LOL...So thats a no to confessions at least the bed is fixed, thankfully its a kingsize, so when it broke, I had to sleep on the otherside of the bed..(i have this thing about sleep at a particular side of the

@Tales&Tallies - yup easier to say to some1 confess whereas if we wearing that shoe, we would think @deny, deny,

@Audzz - Confess it is for you then handiti!! thats exactly what everyone thought when this lil munchkin kept telling all n sundry how i broke my bed, the Ikea guy gave me this look and smile...She even told my mom on the phone that we'd gone to Ikea coz I'd broken the bed...i got a few drills about

@Nikki- Confess it is then for last week was just a week I'd like to forget quickly..M much better and fully charged!!

Nefertiti said...

You know, someone once asked me that if you cheat on a cheater, and you don't rub it in, how then are you hurting the person since 'what you know doesn't hurt you' right? Wrong, I say! I always wanna be the victim, never the perpetrator of the wrong. My lips are sealed.

LMAO @ ur goddaughter. Kids do have a knack for divulging information that, until it leaves their lips, seems harmless.

Shubby Doo said...

i was soooooooooooooo all over this page yesterday and couldn't least blogger is showing that you've updated 9 (& not like 6 months ago)

been to movida 2ice and loved it both times...glad you had fun

your bed broke?...1st Miss DM and now you time get a guy to fix it...saying that i fixed my bed and it was fine but when i moved, the movers dismantled it and then re-assembled it...(let's just say their work was a bit shoddy)

i wouldn't confess but I would want him 2 confess to me (it makes sense to me)

Naija Idol said...

Aunty Shona broke her
so she actually thot u were gonna die. my mum has asthma too nd its not funny when she has an attack, rarely tho.
I dont think ill confess. d guilt might just eat me up 4eva. dunno sha. havent been put in dat position.

Buttercup said...

I'll get back to u on that one IF i ever happen to

Aww so sorry bout ur week! Glad u r ok now..

LMAO @ ur god cyoot!

Aphrodite said...

Sorry about ur Asthma attack boo.
Glad you are fine.

I wouldnt confess except to God. Safer that way.
It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Afrobabe said...

Bed broke????

I am not buying all the activity....was the sex as good???