Thursday, 12 June 2008

In Celebration of Fathers!!

Since Sunday is Father's Day, I thought why not celebrate our celeb dads...
Daper Dad - Diddy and his family

Hot Chocolate Dad - Blair and family
HOTTT Dad - LL Cool J and daughters
Sexy & Talented Dad - Denzel and son Malcolm

Mogul daddy - Diddy with the twins (yeah, I did post him twice!)
Mogul daddy - Russell Simmons with Aoki Lee and Ming Lee
Premiership dad - Claude Makelele and son
Mega-bucks Soccer dad - Becks and boys
MVP Dad - Kobe and his girls
Funny Dad - Chris Rock and the girls
Comedy dad - Donald Faison and son
Hmmm 'crazy' dad - Flavor Flav with baby-mamma and Karma (gotta love that name though)
The OG Hip-hop Dad - Rev Run and the latest addition to the Simmons family...gotta love them!
These men all look great!Nothing is much more sexier than a responsible man, standing by his kids and raising them. To the fathers out there, I'll forever shout out praises to you, for doing right by your kids! And to my pops, I love you dad, thanking you for being my hero & being my friend and I'll forever be daddy's lil girl...mazirudo baba!


sherryice said...

You are right there vixen, there is nothing much more sexier than a responsible man. I want to say to my dad even though he is no longer with me today.."Dad you taught me everything I know today...I will always love you." More love to all the responsible dads.

missthang said...

any man who sticks around and raises his child definitely is sexy. I totally admire my my man, my daugter adores him, he adores her and i adore them both. Black love we keep on representing

tuttifrutti said...

fatherhood is a great thang when you're there to watch your baby grow. to all the men who stood by - those are real men and not just males.. big up to all of them.

tuttifrutti said...

My dad's just turned 77 and he's the greatest. I love him to bits..... I remember sitting on his lap as a little girl - i felt safest when i was with him. I love you Daddy. You've taught me what love and acceptance are really all about.You taught me to love me. And you were there for me just when i needed you most.