Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Feeding My Addiction

Hi, my name is ShonaVixen and I'm a shoe addict. I love shoes, and finding the right pair that screams out 'ShonaVixen, ShonaVixen' is darn near orgasmic! I work for my money and my shoes are a way of rewarding myself and so what if i I reward myself every week!!Shoes are definitely my weakness, and if a shoes 'talks' to me, I get it no matter the price. And like Amy I say 'No, No, No!' there's no rehab for this addiction and I aint stopping any time soon!
What is your addiction?
I so love these Babyphatness shoes!They scream out fabulosity at a very affordable price!!!
Zebra-print is a must have and these Karen Millen shoes live up to it!
I love these Maria Arellano's as they are not too high and look well cute!
Christian Loubitin Rodita Zip sandals
Jimmy Choo...oooh la la la!


tytybaby said...

cute shoes!how about we go shoe-shopping together lol! my weakness is also shoes, bags, hats and belts.

shaft said...

shoe loving females!I love my women in cute shoes, and lovely feet not them claw feet that some women have. I'm just a sucker for designer suits and Ozwald is my man.

simba_tt said...

i'm a guy and i love my shoes too. wierd??

syesha_fan said...

I'm in love with the Karen Millen shoes. Thanks Shona

makanaka said...

yes the Karen Millen ndizvo amana, those shoes are lush.
My addiction is bags, you can call me Bag Lady, i love bags.

Anonymous said...

when on a down low, nothing is better than retail therapy for a nice shoe... once a week is definitely allowed, im a proud shoe addict too xxx auds xxx