Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Blues for Nina...tears for Mer-mer

If you know me, then you know what my greatest movie of all time is.The poetry, the actors, the humor, everything about this movie I LOVE..so you can guess who was having a groupie moment screaming at her tv, forgiving Larenz Tate for cardinal sin of wearing sunglasses indoors, actually recorded the show just so they can watch this clip...qui moi! Miss Nia Long is killing it in this video, love the short hair and the dress...darn love her whole look!

And in the spirit of awards, *brings all her sister-friends, friends of friends and cousins of cousins on stage*, starts *Chris Brown crying* I would like to thank God,*chokes* my fans,*chokes* my family,*chokes* the Academy, and all those who not only nominated me but voted for to win an Nigerian Blog Award for the second year running. But y'all showed your clear dissatisfaction with my sporadic blogging over the past year because it was a TIE!!..LOL...so does that mean I get half an award??..lol..

From childhood to adulthood
From pictures with front teeth missing
To my last ever hockey match pictures
I feel a chill down my spine
I remember the laughter
I forget the tantrums
I remember the banana clips
I forget the Tevin Campbell posters
The tears well up in my eyes
I can’t erase the pain
I remember the birthdays
They said calm and loud
Different and yet so alike
I forget being grounded
I remember the long phone calls
I read your short and sweet emails
I cry at the memories
They refer to you in the past tense
The prankster
you pulled the biggest one on me
I have a lump in my throat

Over the past month since my last blog post, I lost some-one very dear to me. I've been referring to her as my childhood friend, but last night as I remembered our memories I realised she wasn't from my childhood but she grew up with me! Its been a week and 3 days since she passed. The pain. It hurts.

Ok I won't get you sad. Let me share...This past Friday evening, I'm at home, hear a noise, it sounds like rain or at least water dripping. Weird. It's coming from outside...I go to check...its vomit..I kid you not its raining vomit! My idiot, nasty neighbour from upstairs is vomitting out through his window and all his vomit is going on my plants! WTF?? I'm repulsed,  sickened and dead furious, so I rush upstairs *with a jug of water in my hands* oh yes I fully intended to chuck it in his face as soon as he opened the door..start pounding on his door shouting 'Stop *bleep* vomitting on my plants you *bleep*bleep* Use your *bleep* toilet' . Idiot doesn't open his door!!I'm furious!I write him a note. My friends see the 'humour' in all this (especially my jug carrying). Next day, who do I see in the corner shop trying to duck and dive from me?Nasty Neighbour! I rush towards him, he's turning red, I'm wishing for that jug of water, the shop keeper looks scared. As I get to him I ask him 'What the *bleep*? Don't you have a *bleep* toilet?Who vomits outside the window?And on my plants?And why didn't he open the door?' First he went into a 'I don't speak English veli welle' mode until I said 'I'm going to call your landlord and tell him about this foolishness'. Next thing the dude can not only speak it but he does veli welle! He's apologising, offers me new plants, to clean my windows, but I'm not having it! If I hadn't cornered him in this shop, he wouldn't even have acknowledged this foolishness, so yes I called the landlord and also sent him an angry letter!


Sankofa said...

I went mad when this came on as well! Love Jones was my ish way back when.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I don't even know what to say but I hope it gets a little better with time.

I'm glad you got that nasty neighbour. I really hope you took him up on his offer to clean his vomit up. Cleaning vomit (esp. a stranger's) is NOT the one!

Shona Vixen said...

@Sankofa - virtual high-five for being a Love Jones fan!! Yep that movie was just...gosh..they just need to make such movies!

Thanks for the condolences...I hope it gets better with time too. It sucks.

His landlord is sending a window cleaner round this weekend.

kookie said...

Love Jones!!! *dusts off VCR and brings out tape* Yes that's how old my copy is!

Your neighbour...straight NASTY. No words for his stupidity.

Shona Vixen said...

@Kookie...ohhh VCRs, I remember those..lol!!

My neighbour....sigh...

Myne Whitman said...

hey I love LOVE JONES TOO, I watched Nia and Laurentz with a smile at the BET awards, :):)

Congrats n your award too, yu still get a full plaque.

As for your neighbor, no words...

Shona Vixen said...

@Myne - you get a LOVE-JONES crew high-five too!!!

Phew @ a full plaque...lol...

ka-danger said...

Love Jones...gotta love that movie, I remember the days when it first came out and I ran/sprinted to the hairsalon to get my hair cut like that, with the hope that somehow I would be transformed to look amazing like Nia, lol, I was a boarder @ school, so save to say this Nia hair do was not maintained! Hehe. But Love Jones oh the memories, whatever happened to Laurenz (spelling?) Tate, I loved that dude man. Hi5 sistren!

I am sorry to hear about your friend,so sorry :-( It is never easy and that's what sux about it all, hope that you in a good place. xo

Lol @ your neighbour, what the hell was he thinking, was his toilet too posh to contain his spuwtum vomit...nxxxa! Glad u cornered him!

Shona Vixen said...

@Ka-danger - *Hi5 dhiya* Larenz last saw him in Waist Deep with Tyrese - and the killed him off in the movie..lol..but I loved him...he made her breakfast in the buff..LOL!!

Thanks hon still coming to terms that she's gone, I did call her number last night just to hear her voice mail :( but yes I'm getting there slowly but surely.

Iweka that neighbourka...he's avoiding me and so he should!!

Ms.O said...

EWWWWW what kind of trifling neighbour is that? Good you got his ass reported! KMFT!

Sorry for your loss, it will be well.

CONGRATS ON THE AWARD!!! Two yrs in a row!


Anonymous said...

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ManCee said...

May each passing breath
give you colorful lenses
To see the world afresh.

zimchic said...

Sorry about your friend baby girl. Time heals all wounds- at least you have all the memories

Guitarman97 said...



2 best video ever! you must watch them! i am rofl whole day!!!!!!!
...MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!

Guitarman97 said...



2 best video ever! you must watch them! i am rofl whole day!!!!!!!
...MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!