Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Rock Cries Out to Us Today

Here on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister's eyes,
Into your brother's face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning.

Maya Angelou

This post is just random thoughts going on in my head...

* Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj – ok first off I didn’t have Barbies as a kid, well ok I had a one but it was one neglected Barbie(my mother tells me its still intact) as I  grew up with four brothers I didn’t have the ‘joys’ of playing with Barbies, instead I was riding bikes,climbing trees, playing with action heros and all that other stuff. Anyway, shouldn’t the props of the original Barbie go to Mattel?They created that damn doll but then again one can forgive them(Kim and Nicki) because they do have enough plastic to get confused on who’s the OG Barbie!! So I don’t get why these two women are dissing and beefing with each other and honestly I don’t care. Just make good music and shut up!

* Lewinsky Minaj, Aoki Lee, Ming Lee (the jury is still out on calling these people insane), Swizz Beatz, Diddy, Trey Songz, I’m not just naming famous folks, these are some of the names people have decided to call themselves on Facebook !.*seriously?!?.why do that? Aoki and Ming are kids…and two grown ass women have decided to call themselves that?!?Yes they’re cute kids but come on now this aint Flavour of Love or For the Love of Ray-J!

* Drake – I’m on the fence about this guy, and now that I’ve succumbed to peer pressure*side-eye to @mskkj, @vimfromzim @senkwe*, I’ll be listening to his music, as Jay-Z said in ‘Everyday A Star is Born’ ‘Next its Drake, lets see what he will do’ yeah will update you all soon

*My sister-friends – yes I fell in love with this saying ‘sister-friend’ when I heard Maya Angelou use it. Its got so much meaning when you have close friends who are just like your sisters. So yep, I’m now calling all my cherished and dearest friends my sister-friends. I'm also still going to continue raving how I'm surrounded by positive women making it happen in their own way, with such people around, you know you've got a strong support base!Some I'm yet to meet in person but still feel I have a friend in them!Guess its just the modern-day pen-pal right?Except that you actually talk on the phone/email/tweet/bbm each other!!

*Maya Angelou – I heart that woman, her voice, her work, just how she is...heart her!If you're not aware of her work, the title of my post is a title of a poem of hers..I love it!!

*Summer – for moi summer is synonymous with braais (bbqs to you non-Southern African folks) meat,meat and loads more well-seasoned, marinated meats. And also summer gives me an opportunity to hang with the sister-friends! Ohh summer is the season for weddings and summer romance too*apparently*!

*Reality shows – I’m a US reality tv junkie, watching Tiny&Toya(I like Tiny and errr Toya when did she start ‘rapping’?), Basketball Wives(wrong name for this show as there’s just two members of the cast who are actually wives!), Brandy& Ray-j’s Family Business (why did Brandy keep calling Flo Rida Flo?use his government name ie Tramar Dillard..ok maybe that’s why she called him Flo, love their dad), What Chilli Wants (I felt for her when Floyd stood her up)…yes as you can see I watch reality tv way too much!

*, An Open Letter to my ex’s – Forgive me if I’m late in coming across the site and FB group. Anonymous letters are written to exes, thing about the anonymity is you get it off your chest but they never know right?Apparently its a 'healing process'.Ah well..

* Slim Thug - when I was reading what he said, I had to scratch my head, headover to YouTube and remind myself who he was, then I was hella annoyed at myself for even trying to remember this knee-grow!KMT!

*IamShonaTV - So the day I decided to start filming footage for the videos I  went all guns blazing to different shoe stores with my video-camera(thinking I'd the female  Noel Clarke), I was told by those shop assistants 'Sorry we don't allow filming in the store'..I felt disappointed after hearing it 3/4 times(but of course  I'd managed to get some footage), so how was I going to do this?Then well genius idea and the lil 'thug'  blagger in me got to yes videos will be put up soon, I think I will put up an interim 'hey,I'm here one' for the time being.

*Twitter - Gotta love how Justin Beiber was a trending topic for ages, I have nothing against the lil man..go Justin. Anyway, I wonder if some folks realize that you are what you tweet and therefore folks should really think before they 'tweet'. I now have my view of certain folks the bi-polar, the ignorant, the plain #whatrockhaveyoubeenunder and then the funny,informative,interesting etc.And to all my twitter folks you know its hard not to put the hash tag right?I did put it in a work email, thankfully realised it before I clicked!!#twitteraddict

*World Cup 2010 – Its soccer fever all over!In the office sweepstakes I picked Slovakia and Algeria (a friend told me that I had no chance if I didn’t know), anyway I’m supporting all the African teams, Brazil, Germany and France – if you ask me I have valid reasons for why I’m supporting all these teams.

*Clogs - Fugly, fugly, fugly!!!One trend like harem pants that I will so not be following. And oh whats with folks who follow every darn trend?? The above definition of a fugly pair of shoes is Ralph Lauren and goes for $4,500 yep four and a half grand for that eye-sore!!To Ralph Lauren folks I say 'You Teefs'!! Whoever I'd see paying for that I'd have them sent to the gallows!!#nojoke

Zimchic - email moi :



Like you, I''m a Maya Angelou fan. I spent 2008 reading as many of her books as I could. God bless that woman.

Per Nikki Minaj & Lil' KIm. I no fit lie, I was a Lil' Kim fan when i was younger and whenever I hear Nikki Minaj (the 2 times that has happened), I automatically think she reminds me of Kim's flow. And now there is apparently 'beef' between them. Can't we all just get along?

Glad to read your update sis and can't wait to watch your videos.

I Am...LondonDiva said...

Ralph Lauren are smelling themselves with that monstrosity!!!! You know what that heel back is good for, conking a terriorist who tries to hijack a plane or bussin open one coconut. The damage that show can do! Let us bow our heads and pray for this trend to be over.

Tendayi said...

ok first thing that popped up at me since i am a single black female of marriable? age--->4 brothers mmmmm!
i am a reality tv junkie too..have you watched tough love? or dad camp on vh1? I am a sucker!
Brandy's show doesn't do her personality any justice- she's like a shower, she cries at everything then this Flo thing was/is never gon work...i don't know him that well but its like government name pamberi unless you want to tell the whole world kuti you are trynna get back in the game with someone whose name has been adopted by Kotex for that special time in a woman's life..
Ralph Lauren- since the recession we longed for better times, but surely clogs? I am not willing to pay such a price to expose cracked feet...seriously?

Funms-the rebirth said...

My dear sister-friend, CLOGS!!!!! Now you and London DIva have managed to convince me to hate them.....

oh and lil kim and nicki, gosh, all those insults on twitter? Lord help them.
cant wait for the

Shona Vixen said...

@IamLondonDiva - I sure hope Lil Kim comes out with Harder than Hardcore, with the likes of Crush on you the we'll be cool. Oh yes Lil Kim will chew Nicki alive but hey why does there have to be beef?There aren't many female rappers around so why b*tch?They should stop falling into the stereo-types arena!!

@sister-friend - yep so much easier to say and means so much more too!!

@Justin Beiber - yep all these women shouting they don't like Justin are soon going to turn cougars in a few years!!


@SSD - oh gosh sis the longest time!!!Thanks for stopping by!! I need to come over to your spot to know how my nephew Bomboy is doing!! The videos will be coming soon

@IamLondonDiva - Ralph Lauren are teefs!!!

@Tendayi - Only one is single so I can hook you up with him - you can pay me in shoes!
- Yes Brandy's show doesn't even do her justice. I guess she's trying to keep her daughter away from the spotlight thats why we NEVER have seen her!And that lace-front weave of hers has to go!!
-Haven't watched Dad Camp will so be catching up on it though, thanks for the hook up!!

Shona Vixen said...

@Kookie - Yep Lil Kim is a tad bit jealous , yeah I feel her for saying need to pay homage and respect where its due BUT come on now, she's milking the whole thing..if she feels so much about it then write a song, and prove that you're the OG green wig wearer!! She's too old for that ish!!
I think thats another trying to stay relevant stunt!

- Reality Tv - remember Harlem Heights?I sooo miss it!!!

- IamShonaTV- hold on tight darling its coming soon promise ya!!

-Clogs - so not worth the price @ all!!

@Funmsthe rebirth - My dearest sister friend - I'm so happy you've given up the Clogs idea, after trying to persuade me to the dark and ugly side of!!
- Video will be up soon!!

Vimbai said...

I'm still trying to figure out how you worked around the "no cameras in the stores' and your gangsta self!!!!!

You know i feel about mukomaAubrey but it's that Nicki i just don't get...or rather, i would ignore her wannabe Lil Kim steez. She must give credit where credit is due, but this one, she lacks any longevity in this music game.

Slimthug is a ka-rubbish, no more words must be wasted on his ignorant self.

That Justin is a cutie...a cutie with a super forehead i suspect but he's a cutie nevertheless.

I'm not sure about clogs, people who wear them should make sure they don't have cracked heels #amjustsaying...but for $4,000 a pop...VANOTOPENGA/MADNESS!

PS Glad you got around to your side of the blogging deal, lol.

Shona Vixen said...

@Vimbai - Gangstarrr email sent to you!
- Yeah doubt Nicki will last, next year this time we might be seeing her on a reality tv show on VH1.

- Yeah Justin is a cutie!!

-LOL@cracked heels in clogs, girl the things I've been seeing now that its warmer..deserves a post in itself!

- See you should have faith in me keeping my end of the bargain and that gives me the excuse to nag you each week for an update as you know I'm addicted to your!!

-Oh how is the world cup fever going?

TayneMent said...

This Nicki/Kim thing is quite silly. I like Minaj when she guest stars on people's songs but not on her own.

I was anti Drake, till I realised I liked every single he had dropped, so now i look forward to the album.

Umm, yes I am a reality show junkie, I did a post on all the reality shows I watch and I couldn't even finish.

I don't like Justin Beiber but sadly 2 of his songs have caught my eye. Poor guy better realise in this fickle music world his time on top is limited.

I think i am the only one who hasnt read the Slim Thug thing on black women.

zimchic said...

Great post- herewith tipsy response
1) Oh man...lil kim looks sooo wrong so so so so so wrong. Full stop. oh no- why? She is all kinds of messed up.

2) Sister-friends is a lovely concept...pity being in this place don't really have any more sister-friends and the ones that I did consider my long distance ones have been kicked to the curb for all their fakery and self centredness (true word dat!for real dough check the dickshanery)

3) Office sweepstakes I picked Ivory Coast- no word of a lie- as the only nigrette in the office thought it was fitting (nigrette= true word again)

4) Braai braai braai- lovely concept- execution tough as live in a first floor flat....

I need a holiday Shona...can you tell?

Shona Vixen said...

@Taynment - Yes the beef is way too silly!
Those who forced me to listen to Drake will be pleased to know I actually like his music!
I'm glad I'm not the only reality tv junkie and I'll be on your spot reading up your post on this.
Just hope lil Justin stays on top

@Sirius - Sweerie!!!I miss you and our #musicfridays!! Yep, Barbies were over-rated for me as a was the ish!!
Don't ever bother with that 'plastic beef!!'

@Mizchif - Yes Shona is definitely baaaaack and back for good!!
Don't you ever dare trying to add extra ooos on lol!!Virtual slap will come your way.
I agree with you about the bi-polar tweeter folks!

Clogs are just FUGLY!!Can't even say anything other than that. I'm video editing and watching footie, hopefully something will be up soon...

Shona Vixen said...

@Zimchic - iwe sha-a come back and blog..I'm thinking if I bug you enough you'll eventually give up and blog handiti?
LMAO @self-centredness and nigrette - yeah girl they are 'words' because I'm so going to start using them too!
Well I hear you about how its difficult having sister-friends and I'm grateful for the ones that I have - of course I did ditch some along the way because of that self-centredness!!
I love going to a braai and not being the hostess because thats just hard work!!
Lucky you got Ivory Coast not the ones I got..but boy am I grateful I didn't get Australia..LOL!!
Oh yes you do need a holiday girlie..somewhere hot and sunny

zimchic said...

OMG- not being the hostess is the best...I always end up being the hostess and working my butt off! For real- thanks God for first floor flats, it only leaves me with Christmas and Easter to host lol

I might be coming back- waiting for the air to to your next post!

You cant ever leave Shona...I love your new blog

zimchic said...

p.s. re: Australia...lmao lmao!!

zimchic said...

I am so proud of Ghana! I did the couch know that one....the one that jiggles you booty and makes the dog bark coz it thinks we have invaders..will email you tomorrow night after work with the word! Please post some shoes soon...I am having withdrawal symptoms...and its summer time..did you see the gladiator sandal boots?

Afrobabe said...

Hey, I love Harem pants....what's wrong with them??

Audzzz said...

Lovin the post here my sister-friend. Been away a while was missing you so checked the blog and fo sho! updated it is!!! & love it, agree with your thinking & lol'd @ your funny way of speak. true to kim and minaj, just make good music and shut up. Those clogs are a hellava no and im liking drake, he's grown on me. As for "the hash" and twitter, too funny if you put it on your work e-mail (luckily i'm no twitter addict)... Keep writing girl, me love reading....

Ka-danger said...

p.s I at work, no youtube saka I'ma have to get on it at home... but go you girl! Must say very keen to see how you managed with the no camera thing in the shoe shop.

Shona Vixen said...

@Zimchic - I still feel for Aussie! and yes Ghana did us all proud!

@Afrobabe - Why do you love them?!?They were meant for Aladdin and should stay in that fairy-tale.

@Audzz - welcome back!welcome back!welcoooome back (sang in a Mase voice)..missed you chyna!

@Ka-danger - Yeah guess with age we lose tolerance of things like Nicki and her plastic self..I didn't know how to feel this morning when listening to a Gyptian song, I heard Nicki come in and spit some rhymes...I listened to the whole song and even pressed replay!!
Glad you also heart Maya! She's the one who introduced me to sister-friend and I was like wow that's one great way to describe those close to you!
Summer is on a vacation somewhere..its darn cold today and those weather folks chat rubbish!
Videos are trying to try me sha..kundiedza chaiko..but I'mma win the battle!

Afrigenic said...

Couldn't care less about the beef btw Minaj and Kim...I hear Maya Angelou everyday, love her peom and still keep reading "I know why the caged bird sings"

Afrigenic said...

Love Maya

Shona Vixen said...

@Afrigenic - Thanks for gracing my page and do come again!

Shona Vixen said...

@Afrigenic - Yes Maya rocks!I heart her too and I know why the caged bird sings is one of my all time faves

Sankofa said...

Amen, amen, and amen again on CLOGS! They will never be anything less than ugly no matter how many $$s you slap on them. You can add Uggs to that list too....

MosDef said...

Good to see some folks are still blogging!Yes, I mean you Miss Shona!
Care to come and change you rooting for France at the World Cup??
Surprised you didn't mention your love for Stewie Griffin on this post..LOL!
Clogs = FUGLY no doubt! #nohomo

Angel said...

hey Shona, long time sis, just stopping by to tell you I started a new blog! Now I have two! but this is one where I can talk abuot Natural Hair so stop by when you have time x

The Natural Lounge - The website for UK Afro Naturals

Tales said...

Wow!It has been ages o... seems I have so much to catch up on!