Saturday, 9 January 2010

Our Stories

The above Chimamanda video never ceases to inspire me when I'm suffering from writer's block and lawd knows I've been suffering from it such that this cold winter's Saturday evening I had to reference to it..and voila I'm tapping away on my keyboard!

I have a story to tell that's the reason for the re-vamp, not that I'm disowning my first blog..never because without it, I wouldnt be such a confident blogger or writer, you all wouldn't know or say Happy Sexing for I shared part of my stories, made a mark, and now its time to broaden the horizon and share more bigger and better stories. A balance of stories, sharing the thoughts of this Shona woman, a proud Zimbabwean, Africa's child, a black person, an ethnic minority in the diaspora, a Barack Obama Supporter, a book worm, a student, a shoe lover...see there are many stories to tell on the many labels we all carry. Its having the guts to move from the 'stereo-types' but sharing not my world but my world of words through my eyes, those around me, those who brought me up, those who love each and every one reading this post has a story or stories to share and so with each post, you might want to share your story too!

On how single stories lead to stereo-types here are some 'light-hearted ones'

a) Big guys = big tings…(u know what I'm talking about!!)

Unfortunately for some Big guys = chipolatas!! My friend says some might have suffered ‘shrinkage’ after going to the gym and!

b) Sexy person = Sexy Voice

Gosh, have you ever seen some-one and given them an accent or a voice, deep, sensual, smooth and then from the moment they say ‘Hello’ that’s it??Its like wrong voice dude, wrong voice?

c) Sexy voice = Sexy Person

Some radio dee-jays have disappointed many a listener!!

d) Black Women = Angry Woman

Nope I'm not angry, I don't have any daddy issues, I don't think all black men are dogs and yes I AM a black woman!

e) Short guys = compensatory behaviour, short-man syndrome, egotistical

Honestly I’m still on the fence with this one because some short guys have the arrogance of AndrĂ© the've been told that 'dynamite comes in small packages'. I know short guys who are confident a little cocky but not arrogant bastards!

Anyway I do look forward to sharing stories with you all!


Jayla said...

Yayyyyy. Bring it on Shona, good to see u writing again.

Kookie said...

Love that video too! She makes a great point and a lot of what she says inspired me to start a project I've been putting off for years. Glad you are back telling your story!

Sekuru VaTawanda said...

Shona - with the extreme success you realized with the other blog, I don't understand why you'd need to start a new one. Dropping the "Happy Sexing" line from your posts is like Donald Trump shaving his head - a bad marketing idea. But, anyway I respect your choice.

Debunking an urban myth: working out does not cause shrinkage no matter what anyone tells you. Unless its accompanied by steroid use. The d*ck may appear smaller when man's quads grow (a tree in between 2 mount Everests looks smaller than an identical tree that is in between 2 anthills.), by its merely an optical illusion.

Sekuru VaTawanda

P.S. U should do a post on how to realise success in the blogosphere. Since you are a pro at this thing!

My Bestfriend's Little Sister(MBLS) said...

Welcome back Shona!

Shubby Doo said...

This means I can legitimately attack my blogroll! Yay!

Myne Whitman said...

New year, new blog, new Shona. Chimamanda is always an inspiration, glad she brought you back.

SMS is almost always true, but not always a bad thing. LOL...on the others I comment reserve...

Writefreak said...

Happy new house...and happy new year!

Emilia said...

hahhahahahhaha wandipedza... and warevesa! love the website shaaz looks nice. Congrats mudiwa

Parakeet said...

Some short men are diamonds in the rough. One can't be so dismissive of them. I find that in bad taste. Hello Shona darling!

LusciousRon said...

Missed you! The misconceptions are so true! Especially the radio personalities

doll said...

she back...welcome

Sexy voice = Sexy

too many of my radio personality crush have let me down

Short guys = compensatory behaviour, short-man syndrome, egotistical..this one no follow o! like u said their arrogance self no get pa

doll said...

id have sworn i left a comment....

LovePaprika said...

Hey shona!!!