Monday, 7 July 2008

What's Ur Greatest Love-Making Song(s)?

Now i think y’all know ShonaVixen loves her music and also loves doing it, and doing it well. And so some-time ago, me and Mr Man partied like rockstars, sexed like p$&n-stars, we made ‘magic’! afterwards as my ipod was serenading us, we started wondering what was the greatest s.e.x., love-making, make you say my,my,my song..we couldn’t honestly name the song! My playlist has been updated with some of the songs we both agreed on that were playing on my ipod and well his favorite song is H-town's Knocking Da Boots..its his come hither song to And my song to him was Tweet's Oops Oh My..very good as each piece of clothing comes one thinks of some great love-making singers some that come to mind are :

  1. Joe - And Then.(oooh)
  2. En Vogue - Don't Let Go (Love)
  3. R. Kelly - Sex in The Kitchen
  4. Tyrese - hmmm he has some sexified songs
  5. Toni Braxton
  6. Beyonce
  7. Gerald Levert - G-Spot

Ok y'all tell me your songs!!


Kin'shar said...

Anything that Baby face sings is the best...
nice page

naijalines said...

Any of Toni Braxton's songs are good. I also love Barry White's songs. With Toni, it's the lyrics. With Barry its the VOICE as well as the lyrics.
D'Angelo is also very good.

'Just the Way You Are' by Barry White is a great love song.

BTW, thanks for coming round mine.

sherryice said...

Mine has to be Donell Jones'....."All this Love". I think he is a great love-making singer....!

Funms said...

Marvin Gaye: lets get it on.......
thanks for coming by.....

Afrobabe said...

I must say I love Jodeci's freak you and Adina Howards Freak...

probably something to do with the word freak!!!!!

ShonaVixen said...

@Kinshar - thanks for passing thru
@Naijalines - i totally agree, Barry's voice is just like whoa n that D'Angelo video for How does it Feel..hmmmm...
@sherryice - yeah that Donnell song brings back memories for me
@Funms - thanx for returning the love
@Afrobabe - lol..yeah u's a takes one to know one no?

Kin'shar said...

you welcome Shona

tomorrow pleeeaaaase go to and vote for Dammy!!!

Tairebabs said...

humm...touch question but for me it has to be wonderland by John Mayer...that song just makes me go oh la la.

Mz. Dee said...


ok ok...
Sex with u:: marques houston!! wich u have playin! lol

ride it-jay sean!

cater to u-destiny's child


love in dis club rmx wif beyonce

lay in my bed-mario


um i fink datz it.. rkelly is hawt sha.. hate his new song tho!

see as my comment!

ShonaVixen said...

@Tairebabs...hmmm why touchy?care to share wiv Shona?yeah listened to the John Mayer song...lurving it!
@Mz Dee..babes had missed i hate the new RKelly song too sha..and Cater to U is gr8 for the taking off of clothes before the

BlogVille Idol said...

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BlogVille Idol said...

marvin gaye -LETS GET IT ON!!

Chari said...

Marvin Gaaaye - Let's Get it on; Sexual Healing
Teddy Pendergras
Sade- Your Love is King; Smooth Operator; Sweetest Taboo

Eb the Celeb said...

I have a couple ne-yo songs in there... mirror an say it...

but I love Joe and Toni Braxton... the tone of their voices always get me in the mood

Jodeci... they used to have some bangers back in the day and H-town... almost any old skool group are in my play list

ynot! said...

"'d like pornstars...". I like u alrdy, gurl. no sugar-coating, jus raw like that. u na koret kokoleted kimi (KKK). nuhn do u, jor!
as per my fav depends on the mood/style o!
"Last Night"- Az Yet, when I hv 2 b all gentle and ish... or
"I like that BOOTY (3x), it's a BOOTY-CALL" - Mo'Hits, when...*fill-in d gap urself* :D

ShonaVixen said...

@blogville idol...m always there!
@Chari ..oooh yess Sade!Teddy Pendergrass is also the man..
@ Eb the Celeb, I totally agree with you on the ol' skool groups, they knew how to make love-making music
@ynot..Thank you..i hey why sugar coat the truth?LOL and then filling in the gap..hmm when you feel like the thug in the bedroom??LOL..

kay-shawn said...

'Last Night' - AZyet.
'I'll make love to you' BIIMEN.

Sorry, I'm kinda ol' school.

Bet your man is really satisfying you and it must be a tough job vending off other wannabes. Bet you also hear all sorts of silly chat-up lines. Wanna share some with us on my blog?


BlogVille Idol said...

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Buttercup said...


Ginuwine - When We Make Love

i have to agree wit eb the celeb on Neyo - Mirror

Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You

Chris Brown - Take You Down

J Holiday - Bed

Babyface and Tamia - Slow Jams

i've got sooooooo many!!!! but i'ma stop here..

ShonaVixen said...

@Kay-Shawn,will definitely be stopping by.
@buttercup - yess rightfully so, there's so many songs out there!!

Ms.O said...

umm how can u forget
Silk- freak me
Neyo- say it
teddy pandergras-- turn off the light
hmm dont get me started I live for sex songs..People who see my playlist think am a freak..its that bad!!!!...oh BTW i love music as much as you do....maybe more!!!