Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Oozzing Sexy, Fab & Glam in the City

The premier for SATC - the movie was in London last night. The stars came out looking every inch of sexy!
All, well, well, which cosmopolitan woman isnt waiting for Wednesday 28 May? The movie Sex and The City will start showing in movie theatres all over. My girls and I have already marked that day in our diaries, we are going all out on that evening..as always..lol. Its hard to believe that the final episode was way back in 2004..wow time flies. And I know a fair amount of guys will be watching this movie too, and no their girls wouldnt have forced them to, deny it they might but they also watched the show. So right now its trying to remember whether Carrie does finally wed Mr Big, we all have questions about Charlotte and her baby, Miranda, Bradie and Steve, what about Samantha and Smith?. Talking of Mr Big, that just reminds of RKelly and Ron Isley
'This is Mr Bigg'
'How you doing Mr Bigg'
'What da hell is goin on ?'
'What you mean whats goin on?'...in the song Friend of Mine..ok sorry for side tracking..lol.
No matter how different the characters might have seem, women could relate because, we all are a blend of Carrie/Samantha/Miranda/Charlotte..a cocktail so to speak! It was just women connecting, no matter the colour.. I have been compared to Carrie by my girls..I think its because of my love for shoes..lol..
But seriously, do you women have a Mr Big in your lives and guys too a Ms Big?Just thinking about it all, how Carrie went through all the other guys to then be with Mr Big again, I wonder if there's always a Mr Big for every-one, that one person who made such an impact and whom you will always fondly care about. And given the chance, ceteris paribus, you'd be with them. Do share


when you come at the king you best not miss said...

i dont think i'll be bumrushing the movie houses to catch this just yet. but please do give us a review when you do

do i have a Ms Big? naah. I love hard but i dont get that sprung to lose my senses

ShonaVixen said...

no doubt the review will be posted here!

lady_luck said...

I also cant wait for the movie. Do I have a Mr Big? yess, and i'm still with him. and he says i'm also his Ms Big

syesha_fan said...

lol @ this is Mr Bigg, i had to youtube that song! i think everyone has their Mr or Ms Big but whether or not they end up together is something else.

tuttifrutti said...

Mmm Mr. Big huh??
Well.. I'll have a LONGG think on that one......